2 years old and lovin’ it!


You are 2 YEARS OLD!!! You have grown so incredibly much in the last few months and your daddy and I couldn’t be more proud of you. You are a tall, skinny little boy with the cutest little cheeks on your face!

You have started to talk A LOT more. Just the other day you said “Daddy, where paci go?”… you blew daddy away with the sentence. You are super polite with your manors. You know so many letters, colors, animals and the sounds they make. Your favorite animals are doggies but you are really into dinosaurs right now, you call it a “docie”. Another funny animal name you have come up with is an “eppie” which is an elephant… you are CUTE! You really enjoy coloring right now.  We color on the windows with window crayons, you color on coloring books and you also love to paint!

Isaiah, you are becoming such a great older brother. Your sister is 3 months old now and over the past 3 months you have learned how to be so sweet to her. You love telling people to look at her as we go for walks, you are such a proud older brother! You love to give her kisses and sometimes you love to hold her. We have really given you space and allowed you to warm up to her in your own timing. It has taken time but we really see you loving on her more each day.

Mommy and daddy love you. We love watching you grow and transform into a little boy…and what a little boy you are! We are learning to shape and mold your stubborn little personality so that some day you may be a leader of many. We are thankful to call you our son and look forward to many more years with you!


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Things to remember about my 2nd pregnancy.

I am now 38 weeks pregnant and I am at the point of being done. I am ready to meet our little girl and hold her in my arms instead of feeling her kick my insides! I have just started to dilated (1cm) and am now 50% effaced.

I was very nauseous this pregnancy and it lasted into the 2nd trimester. I lost a couple pounds in the beginning and I didn’t start to really gain weight until around 16 weeks or so. I also had a lot of head aches…migraines really. Thankfully we lived with my parents and I was able to rest when I needed to rest.

I remember feeling her early in the pregnancy, somewhere around 15 weeks. It was shortly after this, 16 weeks that I started to feel braxton hicks. SO obnoxious!!! They carried out through the whole pregnancy.

We found out that we were having a girl around 20 weeks. This was a very exciting time for us!!

I made it to 30 weeks and had gained just under 20 pounds. I completely forgot that in the third trimester I start to gain the weight and swell up. SO I thought that this pregnancy I would maybe hit 25 pounds but at my 37 week (and 3 days) appointment I hit 30 pounds. YUCK. Thankfully I am almost done and the baby is growing!

Everyone says I am very small…but I feel big. I am carrying smaller than I was with Isaiah and not NEARLY as swollen, but I definitely still feel big.

Heart burn has been HORRIFIC.. yet again. It’s the worst in the 3rd trimester. I have had to take Zantac because it has been so bad!

At 36 weeks we found out she was breeched and underwent the ECV in the hospital, this was successful and at this point she is still head down!!

I have had a few cravings this pregnancy. In the 1st I ate very little and very healthy, a LOT of granny smith apples (like the bitter-sweet flavor). I didn’t want anything sweet or too many carbs. In the second trimester I started to crave grapefruit and ate them CONSTANTLY… along with the apples. Towards the end of the second trimester I started to crave chocolate chip cookies. Every day. Warmed up…with milk. This was the first sign of craving sweets. I hit about 30 weeks and my appetite increased by a bagillion and I started craving desserts. ALL THE TIME. (This may have added to the weight gain!) Oh, and we moved to NC around that time…Chick Fil A and I became best friends…sigh.

I will continue to add to this post as I remember things that I want to remember!



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Our Sweet Baby Girl Was Breech.

On Wed Feb 22nd I went in for my typical midwife appointment…or so I thought. I figured I would walk in, learn how much weight I have gained thus far, hear the babies heart beat, do my Strep B test, book next weeks appointment and head home.

This isn’t exactly how the appointment ended up going. I laid back for the midwife to hear the babies heart beat and told her I have been a bit uncomfortable with how the baby is laying. She started to feel around my stomach and said to me that she thought the babies head was up by my rib cage or that the baby had a very round and bony butt. Pause. Say what?!? By my rib cage? 36 weeks? What does this mean? What do we do? How do we know for sure? Isn’t that the wrong way!?! These are all thoughts that go through my mind in a matter of a breath…I instantly was anxious and fighting tears. The midwife told me she wanted to do a quick ultra sound to confirm that she was in fact breeched and I quickly asked the horrific “what if” question. Eek. The answer was not what I anticipated. I learned that I would potentially be a planned c-section. As she walked out I texted Casey who was on his way to drop off Isaiah so he could head to work and then proceeded to call him. He hadn’t got my text and was shocked to hear the news. I am pretty sure we were both trying to remain as calm as possible and not jump to the worst. Casey got to the practice just as we were about to do the ultra sound. The midwife smeared the nasty gooey stuff on my belly and proceeded to do the ultra sound.

The next few moments were the scariest of this pregnancy thus far. “Yup… there’s the head”… while she help the wand just below my rib cage. I had an instant rush or emotions…mostly fear.

We spent the next few moments discussing what the next steps were. There were two options presented…1) go to the hospital for a procedure called an ECV where a Dr flips the baby around in my tummy, & 2) a planned c-section. Quite honestly… neither of these sounded enticing… this was not happening to me. I was supposed to have a regular healthy full term baby and go into labor naturally right!? Well, @ this point I had a healthy almost full term baby… but may not go into labor naturally. Option 1 seemed to be the way to go for us to try to continue with the pregnancy more comfortably and go into labor naturally but there were risks: the baby could go into distress and I would need an emergency c-section or my water could break and they would have to deliver the baby that day. Option 2 scared me, and quite honestly was not enticing to me at all. I was also not about to deliver a breeched baby… there is way too much risk in that for my liking.

I went home feeling like I was living a bad dream. I put Isaiah down for a nap, picked up my phoneand computer and started to talk to people and do research. WERE there other options!? How likely are they to be successful?? Was there anything I could do at home!? Yes. Ice on the top of my belly… baby didn’t budge. Get on an ironing board that is propped up on the couch and lay on it…inverted. BAHAHAHA… wish someone was there to laugh at me!!!! Nothing worked. I talked to a friend who went through the procedure at the hospital and it worked for her. I had heard how uncomfortable it was… uncomfortable is really an understatement….but many women don’t do it because of the pain. She said she just breathed and prayed her way through and it was successful. This gave me hope. I decided to just go forward with the appointment at the hospital.

On Friday we dropped Isaiah off with a friend we have made here and headed to the hospital. I feel eternally grateful for our friend Heather. It was so worrisome not having family here but she made it so easy for us. She also continually sent pictures of Isaiah and Ella playing which helped calm my nerves:


We got to the hospital (which feels like a resort), got checked in, brought upstairs and into our room. I got into the HUGELY oversized moo moo and crawled into the bed… it was way too soon to be in that bed. Time, from this point on, seemed to crawl and go crazy fast all at the same time. It crawled from the aspect of wanting the day to be over and wanting to be back with our little man again, and it went crazy fast because once things started, there was no stopping! I got hooked up to an IV which basically was the first thing that I was most anxious about. I HATE NEEDLES. HATE. We joked that everything they did for the kids in pediatrics they should basically do for me…well, I wasn’t joking but they thought I was. We then waited for the Dr to come in.  At about 12:30 or so, he and my midwife came into the room and we chatted about what the next little while would look like. We would do an ultrasound to check out where exactly she was laying: she hadn’t flipped head RIGHT under my ribcage; where the placenta was: top right back side of my uterus (perfect!); and how much fluids I had: I needed 10 cm(?) and I had 15 cm(?)…everything looked great! We talked about the risks that were involved and the potential of an emergency c-setcion. We discussed the fact that I have already delivered a baby vaginally so they knew it wasn’t a problem with my pelvis. The chances of success for me were therefor higher. The Dr then proceeded to tell me about the medicine I would be given and how it would make me feel…it was horrible. It was as if I had a HUGE caffeine high… my heart was racing and I was shaking…like horrible jitters. It was a caffeine high that lasted hours but the medicine relaxed my uterus, which was essential for this process.

Medicine kicked in (Casey said it looked like I was coming off a high as I tried to drink some of his water!!) and  it was time to start. The Dr first raised his hands and prayed over us… yes… you heard me!!! ONLY IN THE SOUTH!!!! The midwife stood on my left to guide the baby’s back and the Dr was on my right with his right hand on the baby’s bum and left on her head. Casey stood at my feet holding them, encouraging me and praying. The Doctor proceeded to push upwards on the baby’s bum to get it out of my pelvis and then  pull on the baby’s head to make her do a little flip in my uterus. Okay. Pause. OUCH. NO…OUCH is an understatement….I can’t even write the words to explain the pain!! I prayed…I breathed… I CRIED….I coached myself. This is temporary, if we succeed I won’t have a c-section, this is all for our baby girl… this is all for our baby girl… and then I told the the Dr to stop. I couldn’t take the pain any more and he told me that when I got to the point that it was unbearable to tell him. I hit that point.

He stopped and told me that we would do an ultra sound to see if she flipped and if she didn’t, we would do it again with some pain killers to take the edge off. I was relieved to hear that. He got the machine, put the wand to my belly and sure enough our baby girl flipped. We did it!!!! Everyone in that room played a part in flipping Kaydence into the right position… everyone was relieved and couldn’t believe that she flipped the very first time he tried!! This process has a 58.5% chance of working and it worked!!! I cried… tears of joy… tears of relief. We were all praising the Lord, even the Dr!!! (If I deliver again in NC, he WILL BE my doctor!!)

We stayed at the hospital for a couple more hours to recover from the meds and to make sure she would stay head down. In the time that we were there she settled in nicely. The fluids that he initially saw on the ultrasound between her head and the area of my pelvis where she needed to be had gone and she had nestled into that space. My oh my… I was so relieved. Not only had she flipped and settled in nicely, I was SO much more comfortable. Her movements felt more like someone stroking my abdomen than someone randomly PUNCHING my kidney or gut! I could breathe again. OH it was just amazing!!

We walked out of the hospital that afternoon with our spirits lifted and thanking the Lord for the miracle that happened that day. We picked up Isaiah and I was so relieved to be able to hold him just a little more comfortably than when I dropped him off that morning. I felt as if I was given a whole new dose of energy, and it has continued to stay with me. I feel like I am finally enjoying the end of my pregnancy because the discomfort I was feeling was NOT normal. I am SO thankful that I will not be a scheduled C-Section… I will be able to go into labor naturally. PRAISE THE LORD!!!

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Valentine’s Day & Marriage.

Valentine’s Day was yesterday. I spent mine with my amazing hubby and I am so blessed to have spent another Valentines Day with him. I feel like Valentine’s Day is slowly but surely becoming something a little different for me. Casey is the husband that comes home with flowers every few weeks just to show me that he was thinking about me, appreciates me, loves me, and wants to make me happy. Valentine’s Day flowers are ALWAYS beautiful and the gifts (or massage!!!) are always so appreciated BUT I feel like Valentine’s Day is becoming more of a day for me to show him how I feel about him. I am not as good at expressing daily how I feel and how I adore him. Sometimes I just get caught up in the business and in myself (ohhhhh honestly… don’t you!?) that I let his needs fall to the side. Valentine’s Day reminds me of how SPOILED I am daily by my husband and motivates me to make more attempts to return the favor.

Is Valentine’s Day supposed to be about the woman? Hallmark says so. But… after years of marriage to a man who spoils me daily…  I feel like I am starting to use Valentine’s Day as a day to show my love and adoration for my hubby more than on a day-to-day basis.

With that mushy gushy stuff aside… I woke up this morning feeling like I need to do more for my marriage. I feel like I woke up and realized just how much my hubby does to show me he loves me and that I can definitely work on doing more for him and for our marriage. Valentine’s Day is just ONE day… and there are many more days in a year!!

My in-laws got us a weekend away to the Weekend to Remember conference for our wedding and we haven’t used that yet….nor can we any time soon. We are always moving or having babies (hahaha) so that doesn’t seem to be an option! I have also said that I’ve wanted to do some form of couples counseling when I had gotten married. Well, 3 years later, we had a couple that discipled us for a bit and then we moved, and moved, and moved again… SO we haven’t done that either.

Well, then I think to myself, gosh how am I supposed to learn more about how to be a better wife if I don’t have any resources to do this through??? I went to our book-case. Every married couples book-case is FULL of books on marriage. They sit there. Collect dust…and attempt to look pretty. Maybe we read one of them or at least attempted to. So, today I picked up “The Love Dare” and “Love & Respect”. “The Love Dare”-seems so cheesy right? Or like my marriage is too good for this book? Well, I read the first day today and already know that I can gain a lot from going through this.

So…. after 3 years of marriage and 4 valentine’s days together… I woke up this morning on February 15th and decided that someone has never been married too long to go back to those old books on the shelf and learn, from another’s perspective, how to do marriage.

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One of Those Days.

Do you ever have one of those days?

The day where you can’t get out of bed? The day where you are always feeling uptight? The day where your fuse seems so short?

How about the day when the tears start and don’t seem to stop? The day where the emotions are just all over the charts and you just can’t put your finger on it?

Today is one of those days…one of the days where the tears start and don’t stop. Best part is when they start in the middle of church… but really there is no reason. It wasn’t the worship… it wasn’t the sermon…literally all of a sudden they just start. I leaned over to Casey and said I was feeling emotional, he put his arm around me and out come the tears. THE FLOOD GATES OPEN and I couldn’t figure out how to make it stop!!!

Okay, so maybe this sounds a bit like pregnancy emotions!? Ya… I’m pretty sure that’s it. Maybe it’s that I miss family and friends back in CT?? Ya… that’s probably it too. MAYBE we have a lot of things going on…. Casey has a crazy work schedule. Literally haven’t seen my husband work this hard since… well… I’ve never seen him work this hard! I am still trying to feel settled in the house and in finding friends… oh, and I am due in 6 weeks. The pregnancy aches and pains are worse this time, which just doesn’t help because it makes me feel lazy when I have to sit on the couch.

Do you know what makes these days even better?? When your little man wakes up in a good mood but comes out of the nursery super fussy. You find out he’s been like that all morning and then when you get home, he just BREAKS over lunch. SOMETHING is up with our little guy and I pray it’s just molars!!

Why wouldn’t the tears just start coming and never stop!?! 🙂

The point of this blog isn’t for me to just complain… I just had to vent. I adore my family and the life we have been given…today is just one of those days. Encouragement? Yes. As I was washing dishes thinking about my day the Lord reminded me of Psalm 23:

“The LORD is my shepherd, 
I shall not want. 
He makes me lie down in green pastures; 
He leads me beside quiet waters. 
He restores my soul; 
He guides me in the paths of righteousness 
For His name’s sake.

Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, 
I fear no evil, for You are with me; 
Your rod and Your staff, they comfort me. 
You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies; 
You have anointed my head with oil; 
My cup overflows. 
Surely goodness and loving-kindness will follow me all the days of my life, 
And I will dwell in the house of the LORD forever.

What about laying down in green pastures, being lead beside still waters and restoring my soul is not a breath of fresh air?? To be reminded of this was like a cool rush of wind in my face… that’s what He does. He gives me a breath of fresh air when I need it. He calms and restores my should through His word and in being reminded of it.

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Being A Mom- Job Description.

Being 33 weeks pregnant and chasing a 20 month old has been tiring for me. I have had my tears, my laughs, my aches and pains, my excitement and joy and my rewarding moments. I have had my restless nights…more recently than any point in the pregnancy (thanks heartburn) and been at the point of complete exhaustion and understanding what that really feels like. My ligaments in my abdomen burn…BURN. My back feels compressed and like my spine needs a good stretching. My sciatic pinches when I walk or lift Isaiah. Kaydence has hiccups like 300 times a day and it’s sooooo annoying!!! She kicks my insides to the point of feeling like she’s trying to bust out. The dishes always seem to be dirty (my hubby is amazing @ helping with that) and the floors always seem to need cleaning.

Some days I feel like this is NOT what I signed up for. Women think first pregnancy is worth complaining about…well it is… BUT try it with a 20 month old….I can’t even imagine having 2 kids and being pregnant!!!

This morning I went on one of my best friend’s blogs and what she wrote couldn’t have struck me more… she is just fantastic. This was from a topic being discussed at her MOPS class (oh how I miss MOPS):

Job Description For Mothers

Motherhood isn’t for quitters; the fainthearted need not apply. On the job training, mandatory. Selfishness detrimental to job satisfaction. Working hours long but flexible. Ability to pray without ceasing is clearly advantageous. Remuneration where you find it- in a toddlers belly laugh or a teenagers “thanks Mom”. Some days are more demanding than others but heavenly help and forgiveness available on call 24 hours a day. Love for God and respect for His guidelines important if job is to be secure. Becoming and remaining a mother is a permanent event. 

There are SO many parts of this that I could dissect and talk about for hours…but the main thing that sticks out to me is “Love for God and respect for His guidelines important if job is to be secure. Becoming and remaining a mother is a permanent event.”

There is no way I could get through motherhood without the Lord’s DAILY guidance….no hourly….at every minute. Some days grace is all that gets me through.

Being a mom is permanent. There is no escaping it…even if I go to the store alone (although never alone when pregnant!), I am always thinking of the family I have at home. And every little thought I have always ends up putting a smile on my face, even on the worst of days.

I know my husband adores and cherishes me more than anything in this world. I know that I am the apple of my son’s eyes. Regardless of how hard being a mom is, regardless of how much pain I am in being pregnant, I know that my family LOVES me and would not survive without me. I know that the Lord loves me and would not leave me with more than I can handle.

Some days being a mom is exhausting and tiring…but it is permanent. Every day is new and for that I am so grateful. I am thankful that it is permanent.

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North Carolina!!

We have finally “settled” down in our new house here in North Carolina. What an amazing blessing this house is to our family! There is plenty of room to meet everyone’s needs… even any company we may have!

My parents came down to help us move in and boy was I thankful for that (my sister and her fiance were also able to come by for weekends). At 29 weeks pregnant with a 19 month old, my energy levels can run a little low (my body is feeling the effects of simply going up and down the stairs without carrying a bunch of boxes or stuff!) so it was amazing to have help. We were able to be a box-free house with in less than a week… we actually had the kitchen unpacked within a few days! It is crazy moving into an actualy HOUSE. We have done apartments where you find homes for things in places that they “fit” but in a house it’s so different… we actually have found places where things BELONG. Especially in the kitchen, things have homes and I have started to figure out where I like things to be and not to be… I’m making the kitchen mine…. well it’s OURS…but we all know what I mean!

All in all, the process went so smooth and we only have a few objects to replace due to the move from AZ to CT back 10 months ago. One of those being the crock-pot…MAJOR BUMMER. Went to make dinner today and realized that i just couldn’t find it… no one saw it while unpacking, I think it has been lost in the shuffle of boxes. Sigh… what’s a mom to do!!!! 🙂

Isaiah has been such a trooper!!! He has slept through the night every night he’s been in his new room. (It hasn’t been until the past 2 nights that I believe his molars have been starting to irritate him and sooo we aren’t getting the sleep we need but we try to catch up a little at nap time.) My mom painted his room and Kaydence’s room… they look fantastic!! It really is fun to have a room for each of them to decorate and make their own. Isaiah loves his room!!! I can’t wait to make some book shelves and make him a little reading corner…the boy loves books.

We are blessed beyond belief with the house that the Lord provided for us and we look forward to seeing many new faces come in and out of the doors of this home.

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