As I sit on the couch with my 7 week old son sleeping on my chest, I decided it’s time to start a blog…again. I’ve tried before but being someone who’s horrible at follow-through I am trying… again.Β I’ve been chatting with girl friends lately and really been wanting to blog again because, well, being a stay home mom, I really only talk to my child and myself!!! So, what better way to get out thoughts than try blogging.

I found myself contemplating what to NAME my blog… I wanted a cool name. I didn’t want just lame old, Tanya’s blog… I needed something original. First wanted to call it “Story of a rockstar…” NOT because I’m a rockstar…although that’d be sweet, but because that’s what I call people when they do something awesome! A South African friend of ours (Morne) always said in his cool accent “You’re a star!” when we did something for him, and I then started to say “You’re a rockstar”! I want nothing more than for someone to look at me and in regards to being a good mom say, “MAN! You’re a ROCKSTAR!!”.

Then, I realized… my husband always says to me “… well it’s because you’re the best!”. So, there it is! I’m not a rockstar but my husband thinks I’m the BEST when it comes to being a mom, even if I utterly fail, it’s his way of encouraging me! Then I got the idea from a friend to make this a journal to Isaiah… and I liked the name EVEN MORE because I want all of my kids to grow up knowing their mom thinks they are the BEST. Even if they feel like they failed in life, I want them to always know when they come home, I think that they are all the best kids out there… especially when they smile for the first time for the camera!


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7 Responses to Blogging…

  1. mom/oma says:

    what a great blog. sure wish I could have done this because after a few years you can’t remember everything. keep encouraging and loving your kids, and they will grow up to be amazing.

  2. Shannon says:

    TOO CUTE!!! Mr. Isaiah is so darn handsome! You are one lucky mama… and after reading your 2nd post… YOU ARE TOTALLY A ROCK STAR!!! πŸ™‚

  3. Aunt Lora says:

    Thanks for sharing this with me. You brought tears to my eyes. I had falshbacks to the times when I used to do deliveries and how exciting that was. Good job; you have a cute boy. Can hardly wait to see you all.

  4. Jess says:

    I love this πŸ™‚ You will love keeping a blog of things that are important and milestone he reaches, it makes it a lot easier to go fill in everything in the baby book later. Or just print out the pages and keep them as the baby book

  5. capribythelake says:

    I love that you are blogging now! I’m a terrible scrapbooker, and I just simply don’t have time for it. I love blogging because not only can I remember everything about my babies, but I can make friends with other mothers along the way. πŸ™‚

    On your last post I was totally going to write “You’re a rocksta!” and then I went back and re-read stuff, and then forgot to comment that! So, I was laughing at this post, because I was totally about to call you that.

    Well, I think you are a total Rockstar Mama! Giving birth is the feeling of “oh, if I can do THAT, I can do ANYTHING!”


  6. And I will kiss the ground you walk because I could NEVER do what you did hahaha

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