It feels like we’re in Disney!

Last night Casey and I had our first date!!!! It was absolutely wonderful! Usually I am excited for Fridays simply because Casey is home for 2 days straight to help out with night and day shifts, but yesterday was a SPECIAL Friday! He even brought home Gerber Daisey’s for me!

We ate dinner at home and got Isaiah all set and ready for his evening with some great friends we’ve made here in Arizona, Jess & Jay. I didn’t think that I would be ready to leave Isaiah with a babysitter quite yet because he can be so fussy in the evenings, but Jess insisted that we have a date night. I felt strangely comfortable with leaving him with them, and I;s sure it’s because every time we hang out and Isaiah is fussy she always says his cry doesn’t scare her. Silly I know, but it is always SO reassuring! Baby cries can be so intimidating and it was so great to know that she could handle it! They also have a child and one on the way, so it’s not like they weren’t capable!

The night before we agreed that we would not talk about Isaiah during our date…. I didn’t know how hard this would be!! We got to the theaters, got our tickets to see Inception (which lived up to our expectations), and sat down to relax and enjoy the show. As we were sitting there I started talking about Isaiah and how he’s started giggling and getting so big, Casey calmly reminded me that we aren’t supposed to talk about him. Oops!! So, I sat there… silent…I thought to myself, well, what else are we supposed to talk about!? Scary eh!? It was only a few minutes after that the movie started.

The theater we were at was one that shows the new hit releases in a theater call the “Cine Capri”. This theater closes the curtain in front of the movie screen and gets you all exited for the upcoming film as you anticipate the curtain opening! I literally had butterflies in my tummy and leaned over to Casey and said to him, “I feel like we’re in Disney!!”… yes… I felt like a little kid! I was so excited to be on a date with my hubby that I felt like I was in Disney.

We enjoyed to movie so much, but what a strange experience it was. I sat there really having a great time with the sound effects BOOMING and the music blasting in my ears (feeling many times like I needed to turn the volume down or we’d wake up the baby), but my heart hurt for Isaiah! It was just so odd. I remember thinking a few days ago that I really don’t know what life would be like without a child, but last night I felt a piece of what it would be like and I didn’t like it! I had a little tug-of-war going on in me… I was so excited to get back and kiss his cute cheeks but was trying so enjoy the time away.

After the movie, we got word that Isaiah was sleeping and did so well all evening, so we decided to get dessert. There’s a cute cafe next to the theater so I got a glass of Merlot and tiramisu. Mmmmm… that was nice!! Casey and I had great conversations over our desserts, and then headed back to pick up our baby boy.

It was a great first date without Isaiah, and we both look forward to many, many more! (Good thing we’re going home soon, family there LOVES to babysit!)


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4 Responses to It feels like we’re in Disney!

  1. capribythelake says:

    I’m so glad you guys got out! Wade and I only see movies if they are EPIC, and so we saw Inception too (and loved it too), and my in laws were texting me the whole time because they couldn’t calm Thatcher down.

    Some moms act as if it’s so easy to leave their babies, and people that don’t have kids don’t understand. I sort of think the moms that think its easy are lying, ha! No- seriously, they are just really good at swallowing down those emotions, but they are still there!

    It’s awesome that you have such great friends willing to do that for you (especially some experienced ones).

    Wade and I used to make the rule to never talk about our kids, but we’ve changed our minds about that. He is my partner in this parenting thing, and he’s the only one that knows them and loves them like I do, and so its SO fun to talk about them, OUR babies, together.
    However, that can’t be ALL you talk about (and maybe that’s why people make this rule?).

    You guys are already such great parents, such naturals!

  2. Thanks Carrington!! I agree with all you said! It’s definitely not easy…at all!! I’m sure each time will get a bit easier but when they are so young it’s not! I couldn’t wait to hold his little body!!

  3. Jess says:

    Oh my gosh, I am so envious that you and Casey got out for a date night so soon! HA, Luke and I have still yet to have an actual ‘date’ that was just the two of us. We did see Inception with Jordan… while my sister watched Parker, but it just isn’t the same.

  4. jesswilliams says:

    Anytime you guys need a date night we’ll take that little munchkin for sure! He did so great and we LOVED having him for an evening! So glad you guys got out and were able to relax together. Thanks for trusting us with your most precious little man. It means a lot that you feel so comfy with us!! You’re such a great friend girlie. Love ya and come home soon! 😉

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