Just a low-grade fever…

We went to church tonight and Isaiah was doing great. Nothing out of the ordinary, he’s actually doing better and better the more we take him out! After church we went for dinner like normal people do, but Isaiah started to get fussy… he spit up a lot, and was not happy! I figured the milk was bad and not to his liking. We finished off the meal with our friends and headed home, thankfully we get him in the car and start driving and he just calms down. We get home and start the night routine of a bath, swaddle, cuddle and sleep… well right around swaddle & cuddle all hell breaks loose… ok, not literally but in Isaiah’s little world something was very wrong! He was crying profusely which is SO not normal for him…. Casey unswaddled him to check him out (make sure his diaper wasn’t dirty, too tight, etc.) and he was FLIPPIN out! I got in the bedroom and felt him, he was hot and sticky… oh boy… this is when I get the thermometer. Since being a mom I have dreaded the time we would encounter our first fever… and it appears we’ve done so. 😦 It was only around 99.5 degrees,  so just a low-grade fever, but our poor baby was not having it. I went and googled what to do, and it didn’t help much! I knew everything they said to do so started the process. Infant Tylenol and a luke warm bath. After both things were accomplished he was still unhappy and spit up some more on his just washed swaddle. I threw that back in the wash, Casey swaddled him with another swaddle and started to hum to him-monotone. We read online that this helps calm a crying baby… usually it works, tonight, not as much but Casey continued and eventually defeated the cries. <<Insert sigh of relief here>> The infant tylenol may have kicked in at this point, Casey was able to put him in his swing, and his heavy eyes closed… quickly. So I sit here looking at him peacefully sleeping, with my glass of merlot… not wanting anyone to move for fear we’d disrupt our sleeping baby.


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3 Responses to Just a low-grade fever…

  1. Jess says:

    Poor guy, those fevers are never ever fun. Unfortunately they don’t get any easier for babies to handle. Did I mention that Saturday Parker had a fever of 102.6? in his ear…yikes! his skin felt so hot! I was freaking out, and this wasn’t even his first fever. The good thing though is that you get used to dealing with it (like alternating tylenol and motrin about every 4 hours, totally works wonders!)

  2. capribythelake says:

    Oh, poor thing, he looks so precious in that picture though! Those are rough nights, and scary moments. Wade is always the best at calming them down when “all hell breaks loose”, ha! HE will take them swaddled, and just start walking around the house and bouncing and jumping up and down, whatever it takes!

    I learned this with Capri, and I’m sure you already know this, but fevers in babies and kids can be REALLY high, and it’s not actually such a scary thing. Like if a baby gets 103 fever, they are sick, but unless it lasts for 48 hours or more, you don’t really need to be worried- just keep doing the motrin/tylenol thing. But if an adult gets 103-104 that means we are REALLY sick. Babies and kids are still developing and their little bodies can’t regulate temperatures well.

    So, if it goes high, he’s okay, his little body is fighting off whatever infection, and you guys keep being rockstar parents, and he will be totally fine!

    • Jess says:

      oh and… if you are checking the temp in the butt, it is supposed to be 100 degrees. that isn’t a fever it is the normal core temp 🙂

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