Isaiah…The World Traveler

Today Isaiah went on his first airplane ride!! YAY!!! So, he’s not a world traveler but he did fly across the United States from Arizona to Connecticut!!

We woke up bright and early and headed to the airport this AM to head out to CT… just mom and Isaiah… dad’s coming Friday due to work vacation days… we can’t wait!!!! When we got to the airport we went to the United Airlines terminal and tried checking in for like 10 minutes and it wasn’t working…oops… I was flying US Air… crap. In my opinion we didn’t star the day off so well!

Once we got checked in we cruised our way to security… what a fun time… taking out fluids, taking Isaiah out of the car seat, folding up the stroller and getting it on the conveyor belt with my son in my hands. We got through security with no problems and then off to the gate. That was so fun… not. I got a coffee seeing as it as only 8 am and I needed one (yes needed), and when to the desk at the gate to see if there were and seats with empty seats next to them… nope. Poop. So we pulled into the corner and started to prep for boarding seeing as it was that time…

Moby wrap on…check, baby in Moby…check, baby squirming in Moby making next steps TOUGH…check! Put car seat in car seat bag with one hand…check, big big man offering to help helpless first time traveling mom carry car seat before breakdown…check! Go down walkway thing…check! Attempt to get baby bags out, coffee out and fold stroller…failed. LUCKILY a couple with a child came to the rescue! They helped fold up the stroller and get my bags on me and coffee in hand… phew… this is a lot of work!! I get to my seat and try to take a breather!

Isaiah was already hungry which made me nervous but I started to feed and he fed/slept on our way into the air, fed/slept halfway through the flight and then fed/slept down! The flight itself was pretty good. We used disposable diapers for our trip (carrying and packing all our cloth ones was just too much work for me) and it definitely made me appreciate cloth!! MAYBE it’s a lot of work to do cloth diapers but I have not had ONE poop explosion YET and on our flight with the disposable it got on his outfit! Good thing I’m a thinker and brought an extra! So, aside from a few fussy moments, an explosion and the stinky man next to me we did pretty great!

The decent into NY was definitely the BEST part!! It was awesome to see NYC, the ocean, the green trees, the beaches, everything… familiarity! It was sad descending without my hubby, but I’m excited for him to come AND to have his help going home!!

I don’t think I would have gotten through the flight if it weren’t for my water bottle (ha!), my Hooter Hider (picture below…it’s not me!!), his pacifier, snacks, my iPod touch (Solitaire), my Moby, and a sling I borrowed from my friend. The Moby was GREAT in the terminal, but I got too hot, so the sling was PERFECT for while we were seated and chillen! When he got hot we just snuggled and I put his Aden + Anais blanket (also below!) on his legs… another necessity for the trip!

Now it’s midnight and Isaiah is asleep, I should be too! Today was exhausting and with the time change…. who knows how much I’ll sleep tonight. Good thing for MY mom!!!

<—That’s not me!!!

Aden + Anais…. thanks to another girl friend who blessed me with one… hope she doesn’t want it back!


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2 Responses to Isaiah…The World Traveler

  1. Jess says:

    you can keep it 🙂 I do have the other 3 that came in the pack… hmm maybe I will need to get some girly colors now!! YES! I’m glad you guys made it safely and with no major issues.

  2. capribythelake says:

    Wow- I am so proud of you lady! I’ve done this many times, and it is by far the most multi-tasking stressful situation as a Mom and made 10 times worse when you are alone! You rocked it!

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