Isaiah’s first vaccine…

Today we had a doctor’s appointment and I was so excited to hear about Isaiah’s progress in weight and growth. He is doing so well, he weighs 12 pounds (which puts him in the 37th percentile), he’s 24 inches long (which puts him in the 81st percentile)… and his head is 15 inches around (which puts him in the 32nd percentile)… just in case you care to know!! They said his growth is excellent and that feeding must be going well which puts all my worries about milk supply at ease! They were thrilled with his reflexes and muscle development and obviously encouraged more tummy time.

At this appointment babies typically get 4 shots. UGH. I HATE SHOTS. Sorry… I do, I hate needles!! But that’s beside the point. Casey and I had decided we weren’t going to vaccinate until Isaiah was a little older and had developed more of his own immune system. This was purely a personal choice we had made as a couple. We understand the pros and cons of vaccinating and chose to wait. I honestly don’t find a hep B shot necessary at such a young age, but today… I was convinced to vaccinate him for Pertussis. Pertussis is basically the whooping-cough and the vaccination is the DTaP which also includes diphtheria and tetanus. There is a strand of the whooping-cough that is moving through AZ from CA and for infants it can be very dangerous. At first I wasn’t convinced he needed it but then the doctor said it’s passed from adults to infants not necessarily infant to infant… this got me concerned bc we are involved with our high school ministry. Students go to youth group to see their friends whether they are sick or not, and they love Isaiah so they are likely to touch him!

At this point I texted Casey and he called me from work and we quickly decided to move forward with the vaccination. As a first time mom, I almost started to cry at the thought of a needle pricking my little boys skin. The doctor left the room after saying that Isaiah definitely got the cutest baby of the day award, and I just held my baby in my arms and prayed for him. Tears swelled in my eyes but I knew we had to protect our boy the best we could and the Lord gave us the vaccine (especially with all our traveling). The nurse that does the vaccines came in and I actually stepped out because I cannot handle needles! When I returned they said that he did so great, he didn’t cry, he whimpered a little and it was over.

I was so happy to hold my boy in my arms again and know that I did something that would help protect his precious life. I love our little guy so much, my eyes well up with tears even thinking about the love I have for him. Tonight, Casey stayed home with him while I saw “Eat Pray Love” with some girl friends, and Casey was texting me telling me that Isaiah was having a rough night. The poor baby was a little bent out of shape and I couldn’t wait to get home and kiss his cheeks.

All in all we survived the day and our baby boy is sleeping soundly in his crib. We love him so much, and will move forward with our vaccinations with caution, but today I feel good knowing we did something to help protect his precious life.


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