3 Months Old Today…


Today is your 3 month birthday! YAY! You have brought your daddy and I so so so so much joy to our loves and you have taught us to love in a way we never thought possible. The past three months have been quite a time of learning for us, but we have loved every minute of it. You have grown so  much and continue to do new things with each new week!

You got smiling down, and along with that you giggle and coo at us. The first time we saw you smiling, I’m pretty sure you were on your changing mat because unlike so many children you love getting your diaper changed! The first time you started cooing at me was when we landed in CT to go on vacation… people around me probably thought I was crazy because I was so excited you were talking back to me! You have a play mat we borrowed from a friend and you LOVE the sun that sings and lights up above you. Sometimes when you are laying on your mat I place my head right by the singing sun so you are looking at me too and you start to smile and talk even more. You love when I make noises with my mouth and my tongue and sometimes even try to move your tongue like mommy does!

You tried to roll for the first time last week, you made it onto your tummy once and haven’t done it since!! You started by rolling onto your side and your arm always gets in the way, but the one time you made it over your arm just got stuck! You still like to roll onto your side on your play mat and sometimes you even fall asleep 🙂

Along with laughing, cooing, and starting to learn how to roll, you have found your hand! It is always funny to watch you hold your hands together and simply stare at them. One day I walked into the living room while you were on your play mat and you had your right hand raised in the air and you were just looking at it as you move each finger little by little. It was too cute to watch you learn that this hand was attached to you!

You have been such a joy to your daddy and I. We are so excited to watch you learn how to officially roll over, to crawl, to talk and grow into a little boy. Time is flying and we are so thrilled to be on this adventure with you!!

Happy 3 Months Isaiah!


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1 Response to 3 Months Old Today…

  1. Tanya says:

    So amazing!Seems like yesterday that I was in your place. Time sure does seem to fly. Isaiah is adorable and can’t wait to get to AZ to cuddle him myself. You are both doing such a great job being parents. We are so proud of you. Our little girl is growing up. Happy 3 months Isaiah.
    love you so much, oma

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