A new home… again…

We just moved into a 3 bedroom apartment, and haven’t had this much space EVER! I am so thrilled to be out of the second floor, 2 bedroom and into our first floor, 3 bedroom apartment that is 300 more square feet. 3 bedrooms means Isaiah has his own room! YES a nursery… which then means we have a spare bedroom that functions also as an office! The whole time we were preparing to move I was just so excited to get his nursery all set up! I never thought this day would come! (Pictures to come!)

The move was long and tedious… it took us 4 days in total, and we are still unpacking boxes but we are officially out of the other place and in this one. My mom is in town helping us unpack which honestly, is saving my LIFE. Isaiah is teething… yes I said teething… at 3 months… so he’s fussy, drooling, and needy at times which makes unpacking nearly impossible for me. Thankfully we can tag-team and get things done. I’d be lost without mom…lost in a sea of boxes!

We spent all day yesterday unpacking so today we went to the “Savy Sale” (a consignment baby sale) and bought some things for Isaiah. I picked up a few board books to put in his little book shelf, seeing as all the books we have now are not really “kid friendly”… hahah… meaning they are paper which tear! I got a nifty spoon that squirts out baby food (super convenient for meals away from home), and mom bought Isaiah a Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Learning Home for ten BUCKS!! YES!! 10!!!! It doesn’t have the little shapes that fit in the holes BUT I don’t care(!!!!), less for me to keep track of! I can’t wait for the little man to start crawling and explore his new toy!

Then…. well, since we moved our ice that is made in our freezer tastes like dust, and pickles… SICK. Ever since my pregnancy I have LOVED eating ice and that is totally different from before pregnancy. If there was ice in my drink pre-preg Casey would take it out because I hated it! NOW, I can’t get enough, so the fact that our ice was NASTY was not okay! So, our last stop of the day… Sonic. You may ask… Why Sonic?? Well…. in the hospital they give you these little ice pellets during and after delivery that are so easy to eat and just the most amazing ice you could have, so we refer to this ice as “hospital ice”. Sonic is one of the rare food joints that uses this type of ice… so when day when driving by I saw a sign that said they sold bags of ice for $1.50! OKAY… now… nasty ice in my freezer=reason to buy “hospital ice” from Sonic!! We pull up and I ask the girl working about this ice, and ask if it is the ice pellets… she couldn’t give a simple “yes” but eventually go out that it was. SO then I ask how much is sold in the $1.50 bag and she goes on to explain that it’s in a “cute, durable bag with a string”… ok, seriously? CUTE…ice? I just wanted to know how much… and finally we got the answer 10 pounds… so I got 10 pounds of hospital ice for $1.50! YES my day is complete… now only if my husband would get out of work before 9 pm so we can enjoy an evening/weekend as a family.


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