4 months


You are now 4 months old! Time sure is flying, and daddy and I are enjoying every minute of it! As I sit here, nice and early in the morning, with you laying on the ground next to me…Chica is trying to cuddle in between us and you’re trying to suck on my arm… 🙂 You can do so much and are learning to do so much more!

One of the major tasks you have definitely tackled is rolling! You roll all over the place and it’s super cute! At first you were not a fan of laying on your tummy when you’d roll onto it, and now you sit there looking up and all around. (Your neck has gotten so so strong!) There are now times that I check on you during your naps and you are sleeping on your tummy sucking your fingers… it’s so so precious!

Along with sleeping on your tummy… we’re all learning how to let you “cry it out” during your nap times. I hate listening to you cry in your crib when I know I can pick you up and make it all better. Everyone tells me it will be good for all of us when you can put yourself to sleep and a little crying won’t hurt you, and so far it’s so true! Actually, you sleep longer because you get so tuckered out, but don’t worry I don’t let you cry for TOO long!!!

Along with rolling and crying it out, you are now eating rice cereal! It has been so much fun watching the funny faces you make and watching you learn how to swallow this strange stuff I put in your mouth! The cereal has been GREAT for you because you are sleeping longer at naps and more at night (slowly but surely!). Sleeping isn’t your favorite thing to do because you would TOTALLY rather be playing with mommy and daddy!

You have experienced many “firsts” lately and are mastering many new things that will get you to the next steps in your life… we’re pretty sure you will be crawling at Christmas… and one more “first” mommy got to experien

ce with you is apple picking!!! We went back to Connecticut for a wedding just a week and a half ago, and the fall weather was beautiful. We had to bundle you up nice and warm and went out to the apple orchards. We went with your cousins in Pennsylvania and then we went with your Aunt Cassie in Connecticut. You “tasted” and apple for the first time… 

…but mostly you just stared at the colors of the red apples.

It was such a fun time and we got such great fresh air! I look forward to the day that you are walking down the orchard picking your own apples but for now we’ll continue to help you and show you all the fun things you have to look forward to!


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