All that a 4 month old does and MORE!

We just had your 4 month old Doctor appointment and the Doctor said that we should give ourselves some credit and be proud because you are doing all a 4 months old should be doing and more! She said that we may need to baby proof sooner than later because you are on your way to being mobile! Babies typically crawl between 7-9 months, but she looked at us like we may be in for it sooner, but we can’t wait! You are so much fun, every month gets better and better!! Even after having two vaccinations, you were still rolling around and smiling!

You’ve recently started eating “solids”… although, it’s not quite solid! You LOVE squash and are going to try carrots today. I spent almost all day yesterday making a lot of baby food for you to continue to try… carrots, peas and yams! I even got a friend of ours to taste the mushed up yams because he dared me to taste it first. His reaction was quite funny!!!

They look tasty here but in mushed up form, it's debatable!

Aside from eating food, you are growing longer and longer and not wider and wider! You are such an active boy that you can’t really keep much fat on you, although, we think you are chubby, you are only in the 27th percentile! 🙂 You are so absolutely adorable and watching you roll around and start to try to get up on your hands and knees is so cute! Mommy and daddy are so so proud of you!


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1 Response to All that a 4 month old does and MORE!

  1. Julie Schlaiss says:

    I can’t believe you both tried the yams…disgusting! Both of your faces were priceless!

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