Our first tumble…

Last night we had a prayer night at the home of one of the families involved in high school ministry at SBC. We were super excited about what God had in store for the night, and I was thrilled that Isaiah had great naps because then he would sleep well! I was so happy to have gone and be involved with the students!!

As we were sitting down to eat, I saw a bed in one of the rooms open for students to eat in and thought perfect! Isaiah can roll around on here while I eat and chat with the students! We put him on the middle of the bed and it was great! He was a happy camper and so was mommy. Then the mother of the home came in and was pointing something out to me in the kitchen so I got off the side of the bed, took a few steps, looked at where she was pointing and the next thing I heard was ‘thump thump’ and I turned around quicker than a flash of lightning and scooped my little baby boy, who was then screaming, off the floor and held him tight in my arms. Yup… he fell off the bed onto a hardwood floor… worst feeling ever. EVER. He cried SO hard, but we couldn’t tell of any broken bones or major bumps, and slowly he started to calm down. Casey had rushed into the room when he realized that Isaiah was screaming in a way he normally doesn’t (he has a very specific cry when it’s pain or fear), and I definitely broke down when he walked in. I felt like such a HORRIBLE mom and just kept saying over and over that I was sorry, and I didn’t mean to let him fall, and that I looked away for only a minute. đŸ˜¦ I never want to experience that again.

Casey was a great help in trying to calm Isaiah, and once we did we could tell he wasn’t in pain. I actually think he was exhausted and therefore a little more weepy than normal. I held him so close to me until his breathing returned to normal and started to continue with our night routine of feeding, changing and getting him to sleep. I had completely lost my appetite and honestly just wanted to take Isaiah home, but I knew God was going to rock the students and I wanted to be there.

After getting Isaiah to sleep, I check on him every 10 minutes to make sure everything was normal and sure enough he was sleeping like a little angel. The Lord definitely followed through on our expectations for the evening and it was amazing!!! Isaiah even woke up this morning back in his own crib, a smiling happy boy. We are so thrilled it was just a little tumble and nothing worse… I’m sure I’ve just entered the stage of bumps and bruises…


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