The fight for milk!

Isaiah is almost 5 months old and I am so happy I have been able to breast feed him for all this time, but I feel like my body is starting to slow down and that time is coming to an end. I am not sure I’m ready for this… I really wanted to push as long as I could, especially with the cost of formula! I always envisioned adding solids and continuing to feed him, to give him all the nutrients he needs from me, to provide for him, to bond with him… but then I have feedings where he won’t take from me. He gets frustrated that nothing is happening, and I know nothing is because there was no “let-down” or I don’t see milk around his mouth, and it makes me just want to give up. BUT rather than giving in to the feeling of defeat, I need to start to fight for my milk production. God created us to provide for our children and this is a way I will fight to provide for him.

I am starting to eat more, and attempting to eat more healthy…Halloween didn’t help that!! Today I’m on my second bowl of pasta… and then I’ll have an apple, and some veggies… and prob a few unhealthy snacks because that’s what I do! I am trying to drink more… and one of those drinks is Mother’s Milk Tea. Not only will I be drinking the tea, but a girlfriend of mine gave me a bottle of Mother’s Lactaflow that she didn’t use up, so I’m adding that TO the tea…

So, here starts the fight for milk, and I’m hoping this is a battle that I will win!


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Wife, mom, life of ministry and raising children.
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