This year, I felt like a kid again…

We had all intentions of taking Isaiah trick-or-treating and obviously eating all of his candy, but the boy passed out at 6:30 on the way home from church. BUMMER. As is typical for him, he fought his naps and so he was extremely tired! So, what did I do? I went trick-or-treating…without him! I was sad not to share this experience with him, but seeing as he is only almost 5 months old, I’m pretty sure he didn’t know he was missing anything AND next year will be SO different!!

I went out with my Sophomore girls from the high school ministry, and Chelta (my team-leader). We had such a great time laughing and getting loads of candy!! Each house was a different experience… some came with funny looks, some came with pure laughter, others just straight up gave us huge handfuls of candy 🙂 My favorite part was my costume. Can you guess what I dressed as???? A MOM! What does that entail!? Well, my normal clothes and an orange sand pail that was supposed to be Isaiah’s for the evening! Now let me tell you, people got a kick out of my costume. One woman looked at me and said “In high school??”, and I responded, “Well, I’m actually 25 and I do have a baby… but thank you!!”. THIS was the FIRST time I said thank you to someone for thinking I was in high school. I have a husband, a child, and I am now happy…no THRILLED for people to mistake me for being younger than I am!! We finished off the night and I headed back to our friend’s house where everyone was hanging out and Isaiah was sleeping, only to find out that one of the girls said (to her mom) that she thought I had the most fun out of all of them! YUP! I probably did!!

Now, we didn’t TOTALLY leave Isaiah in the dark when it comes to the fun times of collecting free candy just for being cute… we did take him to Casey’s work Friday afternoon and he made out pretty well!! (More like we made out well!!) Isaiah dressed as a lion and we paraded him around Casey’s office building, collecting treats of all sorts. Here are a few snap-shots from Friday’s event:


Mommy and her little lion!Daddy and his little lion

And I had to put this picture in, because he’s just being so cute (& he has a sweet tat!).

Check out my new ink!


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