It’s a good day!

On Tuesday mornings some of my girl friend’s and I go to a women’s Bible study that I absolutely LOVE going to. The teacher is SO knowledgable and has already impacted my marriage in ways I will be eternally thankful for! There are things from the class that I am applying daily, especially when I’m stressed, exhausted, or not just a good wife (in my opinion).

Yesterday was one of those days that I applied those little tricks to keep my mind in the game, but today… today is a good day… no, it’s a GREAT day.

Isaiah did SO well in the nursery this morning, which was followed by a great lunch for me and the ladies! After lunch, we went to World Market and browsed around. I just love that store! The best part was I didn’t have a stroller so I carried him through the store, and lately he’s been holding onto me like he’s hugging me, or does this little thing like he’s trying to give me a kiss. MAN i just love him, and holding him through the store was just so fun!!

We got home and I fed him his prunes and beans….you hear me, prunes… ew… BUT he needed them! He’s had a bit of a tough time with you know what lately so we needed to make it easier…. here are a few snap-shots for ya…

Ready for his prunes!

Obviously, foot in mouth is a good idea!

Now, I know these photos are simply amazing…but all the excitement of lunch and the foot being in his mouth led to bath time!! I KNEW I’d get a good nap out of him this afternoon because he was already tired, he loves baths, and they totally relax him.


He realized he could suck the water out of wash clothes!!

And as I predicted, he’s been soundly sleeping for two hours…..


Sleeping soundly...


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