Christmas Already??

I’m sure the title of this blog makes so many of you think, “Geeze Tanya, Thanksgiving is first!”, BUT before we know it Christmas will be here so better start that Christmas cheer!! For many of us, November brings on Christmas music, holiday decorations, Christmas shopping, planning family time, and of course Christmas cards!! Now, have I done or started any of the above?? Nope! BUT I am going to update my IPod with my favorite Christmas music, and start to pull out some decorations, which will of course drive my husband crazy!

On the topic of Christmas cards, my initial reaction was no way! I am so bad at cards, mostly I’m so bad at getting mail out to the office to get to the mail lady! BUT as I started to look at Shutterfly’s Christmas cards, I got a bit of a bug! THEN I found out Shutterfly is offering 20% off all holiday cards (, who doesn’t love a deal??

So I got thinking, well I want to get some Christmas cards, what else can I do for gifts for family/friends? So I went hunting and found the calendars…… what Aunt, Uncle, or Grandparents wouldn’t LOVE a Calendar full of faces of the newest babies in the family!?! I am pretty sure my family would love one of these!

So, seeing as we now live in AZ and didn’t do birth announcements, and we just had a family photo shoot done, I figure we are going to send out a Christmas card with pictures of our new family for all those in CT who don’t get to see our little cutie very often at all. You ask what my favorite design is? Or what will the card look like? Here is my favorite design for a Christmas card, and the one I intend to use. I just LOVE how I can fit so many pictures on the card, and it is so classy looking. Here’s a preview of a few photos I intend to use, and good luck as you choose out your Christmas cards this year! Hopefully Shutterfly helps to fulfill your Christmas card needs!


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1 Response to Christmas Already??

  1. Julie Schlaiss says:

    I better be getting a card! That way you can be on it twice!! You will trump all the other pictures that will be heading our way soon 🙂

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