6 Months & Growing So Quickly!

You are 6 months old now… yes, that’s over half a year!!! You bring mama and dada more and more joy every day!! We are so proud of you and all the ways you are growing, we couldn’t ask for a better baby boy. At 6 months old, you can “scooch” (army crawl-although you get your left arm stuck!), you’re eating solids and starting puffs, you laugh, you talk (things like, “dadadadadadada”)- we don’t think it’s full out dada yet, BUT you DO know who mama and dada are. We ask things like, “Where’s mama?” and you look at me… then “Where’s dada?” and you look at dada…. it’s so fun!
You are now a fully formula fed baby. This was really hard for mama at first, and some days I still struggle with this, but I had to do what is best for you buddy. The milk I was giving you was beyond skim milk and you’d get hungry so fast, so dada and I decided it was time to make the switch. You are doing so well on it, and thankfully you drink the Kirkland brand from Costco (much more affordable!). This week you also decided to sit up. I literally sat you up one morning and you sat on your own!! I was so amazed and couldn’t believe it!
November went by so quickly, which is the reason I didn’t post… at all, but we are so excited for December with you! In November, Oma and Opa came to visit again, and we went to San Diego for Thanksgiving. You are so easy to take on vacation. It was SO much fun to have you there, and you fell asleep in your stroller all the time so mom and dad could still go to dinner and have some fun while you slept.
This month we are going back to the Northeast on the 20th and are going to see all of your grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins…. although mommy and daddy aren’t looking forward to the flight since you are now a man on the move! :-)Here are a few pictures of you from the last month. We love you so much and have had SO SO SO much fun watching you grow!!! (So many people ask when we’re going to give you a brother/sister… we’re so not ready for that… we just LOVE spending time with YOU!!!)


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