Your First Year of Traditions


This is your first Christmas ever, and this means your first year of family tradition making! Christmas is such a GREAT time of the year. As you grow up you’ll learn the reason for Christmas was because God gave us the gift of His Son Jesus. I know all the other presents you will get are more exciting at the moment, but there will be a day where you will be more excited about the gift of Jesus than the ones under the tree. Your dad and I can’t wait for you to know Jesus!

Along with learning the meaning to Christmas, you will also learn so many other traditions! The first one that I love is the Christmas tree. It seems strange to put an evergreen tree in your house, but it is a beautiful thing and it smells amazing!!! On this tree we put so many special ornaments…they all seem to tell a story! Here are a few ornaments that tell our story so far… and the great thing about Christmas trees is you’ll never find one families that looks like another!

Along with the Christmas tree comes stockings! Stockings are such a fun way to give little thoughtful or fun gifts!! I hope you grow up loving your stocking!! When I was little we would take turns opening our stockings each reaching in and pulling out one thing at a time! It was so exciting! When your dad and I got married we got matching stockings. This year we got you one to match ours…

Then there’s cookie making, santa clause, opening presents, Christmas church services, Christmas meals, games, Christmas movies…ohhhh the movies… I have already bought you some of the classics like Rudolf and Santa Clause is Coming to Town (in claymation). I also got some of the new favorites like Elf and Polar Express!

Your dad and I are SO excited to have our little family and look forward to all the Christmas seasons we will be able to share with you! We love you!!


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