Merry Christmas Isaiah!

Merry first Christmas baby!!!!! Well, maybe I shouldn’t say baby because you are growing up right before our eyes…and a little too fast for this mama! Since we have gotten to the Northeast (which was a ROUGH trip) you have gotten TWO teeth, you are not only army crawling but you are getting up on all fours and rocking, you are starting to put puffs in your own mouth, and are just getting BIG!

We are having SO much fun with you this Christmas! You are being completely spoiled  by EVERYONE, but who could really resist! You spent a day with Aunt Natalie and Oma while Dada and myself went into New York City for the day with Andrea and Jeff; it was so nice for mama and Dada to be able to go and know that you were well taken care of! Aunt Natalie said they gave you some of Oma’s homemade vanilla pudding…. I’m guessing you LOVED it.

We’re now in Albany with Mom-mom, Papa, and Uncle Cody. You were totally spoiled this morning with presents…. we actually had to stop so you could nap and you still have more to open! You got great gifts, which included cloth diapers, a Praise Baby DVD, and lots of stuff for teething…. but really you just liked to eat and feel the wrapping paper!

We are looking forward to the other “Christmas” times we get to spend with Mama’s family in CT and then with Aunt Kim and Uncle Brion in Albany! We are all so blessed to have you with us, and are looking forward to what 2011 has to hold for us as a family.

Merry first Christmas Isaiah! Mama and Dada love you SO much & can’t wait to be able to tell you about the REAL reason for this Holiday…


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