Sitting, Laying, Crawling…

My little man, you are not so little any more!!! You are CRAWLING… yes, crawling at 7 months old!! The other day you got playing with one of your baskets (above) so I put you in it and snapped a few pictures for old times sake… I figure this won’t happen much anymore. You are a very mobile little guy now. You started crawling on January 11th, and are now into everything. Before you crawled you were able to do the army crawl but I think you have now realized that you can get places much faster. AND even though you have started to crawl you still flop onto your belly and army crawl around because it’s just a bit easier! I actually was forced to take down the Christmas tree… yes mid-way through January… because you constantly crawled under your jolly jumper to the tree to get at whatever ornament had recently fallen.

As I write you are getting into one of the baskets (with wires in it) under the TV console…oh boy…

Now, along with getting into things, you are more able to chase your favorite little puppy around the apartment living room. People say that mommy is the center of your affection, but in reality I’m pretty sure it’s Chica!! You think she is hysterical and you laugh and smile and stare at her all the time!Along with the updates on how mobile you are…come the updates on how frustrating nap time has become!! When you don’t want to nap you simply sit up and cry…or play with your mobil…it may be time to take that bad boy down.

After playing for a while you move to the side of the crib closest, look out the door and cry. You are such a smart little stinker. I totally caved one day and took pictures because you are simply too cute.Even while writing this post, which has taken me much too long, I have had to constantly get up and pull you from different obstacles. You found the computer power cords and decided to try to put them in your mouth; you got yourself stuck under your jolly jumper and needed me to rescue you; and you even pulled yourself up onto the couch for the first time and did a little bob to the music I have going.

Isaiah, even though you get into everything, you are so much fun and I ADORE you. Your daddy and I couldn’t be more thrilled with you, how you are developing, and watching you explore the world you live in. We love you to pieces and CONSTANTLY thank the Lord for the blessing you are to our lives.


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1 Response to Sitting, Laying, Crawling…

  1. Natalie Enns says:

    He is such a cutie 🙂 I wish I lived closer!!

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