Every New Year Brings Changes…

With a new year, people make resolutions… I’ve never been a fan of the idea because very rarely do people KEEP these resolutions. I feel it’s somewhat silly to publicly declare what you are going to change about your life and then a month later, back down. This year, surprisingly enough, Casey and I both felt the Lord lay distinct things on our hearts that we needed to change. I will NOT call them “New Years Resolution” because these are not changes we have made that will fade.

Since this is my blog, I won’t be discussing the changes that Casey felt called to make, but I’ll discuss one of the few changes.

When we went to CT for Christmas, we were at a service called Refresh (“Where the only attraction is God”) at our old church. This is a service where Casey and I always feel like the Lord spoke to us or we were able to take part in abandoned worship not caring about anyone around us… because they are doing the same thing. It is a service where the Spirit of the Lord is felt by many, and it’s amazing. This service was a bit more difficult because we had Isaiah with us, and even though he was with my parents, he was still always on my mind because he was just getting over the flu for the first time. Amidst one of the times of reflection, I was trying to quiet my mind and let the Lord speak to me. During this, I felt a calling… no a desire to really pursue the Lord this year. One of the things in particular was to get into my Bible reading. I have been so slack when it comes to this, and I knew as a mom I wanted Isaiah to see me doing this daily (in order to lead by example), and so I needed to  start now. As I was feeling this weigh on my heart, I saw a picture in my mind (and I wish I could draw it) and I’m going to try to describe it to you. So, first of all,picture this- when you have a cup of coffee (if you like coffee) the smell coming up from the cup is refreshing and wonderful to many of us 😉 and when a picture of coffee is drawn you see the smell wafting into someone’s nose. So, in the picture I had in my mind, I saw myself sitting at our dining room table with the Bible open in front of me, and up from the Bible was wafting into my nose a refreshing and life-giving scent… maybe not a scent, but it was life-giving and I could see the aroma coming up from the words I was reading. This picture really gave me a visual of what the Word of God is supposed to be for us. It is supposed to be refreshing, it is supposed to be desired daily, just like a cup of coffee. Every day since this, I have been going through a daily Bible to get through it in a year. I would say this has been one of the most impacting changes I have made this year, (so far) and I can feel a difference in my daily life and thoughts.

Another change is more in regards to lifestyle, like what I consume daily, and really considering the health aspects of my life. I have always been a junk eater, and not into healthy foods. Well, I have felt a really big desire to cut back on sweets and really try to eat things that are of nutritional value. I again though Isaiah. I want him to grow up seeing a mom who cares about her body, takes care of herself, and wants to live as long as I can to experience life with him and our future children. The first few days of cutting back on sweets was rough, but as I listen to my bodies cravings, it’s really for nutritional things but I had been filling it with junk. Along with eating, I am trying to go for walks more and possibly start working out with Casey… maybe….

So, these are some of the changes that I have decided to make, along with a few others that I are more personal and not “Blog material” but are going to benefit our marriage and family today and for years to come (I hope!). Now, what would a blog post be without a few snapshots of the little man himself!?!

(Pulling himself to get stuff off the coffee table..)
(In happy pursuit of his favorite doggy!)


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