From the very first month of Isaiah’s life he loved water….
Okay… maybe this picture isn’t the best depiction of his love for water… but take a look at this one…OK, that was his first time in the pool… maybe he was falling asleep then, but now our little man is probably the biggest water baby I’ve ever known. If we walk into the bathroom and don’t take a bath, he gets all upset. If he hears the shower in our bathroom, he’ll crawl over and sit by the shower door until he can go in. He LOVES the pool and hot tub… even though one is too cold, and one is a little warm.

This past week, we had a fun encounter with the shower, and then that day took him to the hot tub and he loved it!

The shower story: We were getting ready to go to the pool with Isaiah and he had crawled into our bathroom so I went in to take a look and see what he was doing, and he had crawled up into the shower! I ran for the camera and called for Casey to come see our silly boy….well Casey had the idea to turn on the water, I fully supported it, and Isaiah had no problem with it! Here’s the progression of events:

After this fun and exciting shower event, we got him into his bathing suit and took him out to the hot tub. He LOVED the water, once again…. we really can’t wait for it to warm up so we can go into the pool!


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