Mama’s new toys

I have TWO new toys…..

One of them is still in CT, my mom just brought it back from Canada. This… is my Oma Enns’s old sewing machine:Not a great photo because it’s from my mom’s phone… but I can’t wait to use that baby!

The next toy, we used some amazon money and cash back we get from American Express and bought a new stroller!Oh yes, we LOVE this stroller! The car seat can go on it, the seat can face front/back and he can sit up or lay down. It will also be a double stroller (come the day we need it), but for now we’ll use 2 seats on park days with mama friends! This way we can share a stroller!

I love my new toys, we are so blessed!


About Tanya

Wife, mom, life of ministry and raising children.
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1 Response to Mama’s new toys

  1. Mom says:

    Those are great new toys, especially the sewing machine, just not sure how we are going to get it to AZ :). I still works great!!! Very excited that we were able to get it for you. You will love it!!!

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