One-Car Family.

When Casey’s lease was up on his VW we decided to become a one-car family. I was still pregnant at the time and we thought we should save some money. We knew we were going to have quite a few Dr bills with his birth, and we knew living in Scottsdale it would be fairly easy to have one car. We also felt like we were to be responsible with what God has given us so we knew we could save and give more to others if we had just one car payment. Along with becoming a one-car family, we also cut our cable so we’d use our time more wisely.

In the beginning of life with Isaiah, it was fine having one car because we weren’t going out much. I was adjusting to life as a mommy and often times getting a nap in when Casey would leave for work. We also had family around for a while, so they could stay with Isaiah while I brought Casey to work and we wouldn’t have to worry about waking him. Now, Isaiah is 8 months old, and the days seem to be much easier if we are able to get out of the house. It is almost as if he feels cooped up in the house all day and he is more grumpy if we don’t get fresh air.

There have been many positive aspects to having one car….and many things that have become very tough! Having one car has forced me to go for walks… a lot. I walk to the outdoor  shopping areas near us (Kierland Commons & Scottsdale Quarter), as well as the grocery store, or for a mani/pedi. We also have an Einstein Bagel, a frozen yogurt place, and a new eatery. It’s been great for me mentally and physically to get some fresh air and exercise, and Isaiah LOVES the outdoors. He has loved being outside ever since he was a baby. So, life isn’t too rough in regards to asking, because there’s PLENTY to do! It’s a good thing we live in an area that’s above 60 degrees 80% of the year.

As I said above, there have been some aspects that have been difficult as well. Freedom has been cut in half for me. I am limited to what is in walking distance, and it is very difficult for me to get together with my girlfriends. When moms go to the zoo, I am at the liberty of other mom’s to come and pick me up if they are able to. When mom’s want to go to the mall for lunch, I am also at the liberty of whoever can come get me. Casey takes the car in the am because it’s hard to get in the car right away in the am with Isaiah, which is fine, but it just makes relationship building difficult. I hate putting people out, but I’m SO THANKFUL when they are able to assist me in getting out! (Below is Isaiah and his buddy Rider partying at Chic-Fil-A when Isaiah was 5 months.)

I have also had some AWESOME friends that consistently come and get me on days off, or when they have room in the car. I have a friend who ALWAYS came and got me before she had another baby and she never complained! It was so awesome to be loved in that way! I have another friend who on her day off she always hangs out with me and my little man and we always have such a great time! As hard as it has been to foster a lot of relationships, I have really been able to grow deeper with the few ladies that have always made the attempt to include me.

There are days that work out for me to have the car, and Casey always makes his best attempt to accommodate me and my needs. It has been very good for our marriage because it has forced us to work out scheduling (me being on time!), it has helped us with expectations, and we also spend more time together because we drive everywhere together! We have also become less selfish, and really figure out who needs the car for that day, and who just wants it! I love my hubby, and I”m glad we made the decision for one car, but it has come with its highs and lows for sure!


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5 Responses to One-Car Family.

  1. Katie says:

    Now I know why you got so many strollers:) Haha!! But seriously, that is AWESOME!!! Ryan and I were just talking about 1 car yesterday….yeah….um…you are a better family than us!!!!

    • Tanya says:

      Katie- the first two were given to us, so we decided to use some money we were getting from credit card rewards to get a nice one! It’s harder to do one car in the Northeast I think. Stuff is so so close together here, that it makes it easy. If we ever moved back to CT we’d have to have 2 I’m pretty sure…

  2. Julie Schlaiss says:

    I can’t believe that first picture!
    1. Its adorable!
    2. He looks so old standing like that!
    Such a smart kid 🙂

  3. Melissa Powell says:

    I would love to come over and visit you and little man sometime for a play date! 🙂

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