Our Little Cuddler!!!

Isaiah has never been one to cuddle, in his mind there is too many exciting things going on for him to put his head down and relax! As soon as he realized he could try to turn himself around in our arms he would constantly try to turn and face outward. He is so into the world around him and LOVES seeing and being involved. He is an active boy, just like his daddy, and at 8 and a half months, he’s doing more than I would ever expect and 8 month old to do!

Last week when we were in CT for the wedding, Casey and I spent a lot of time away from Isaiah. We were running errands, out to dinner, spending time with friends, and just busy! One day when we were spending time at home, I picked up our little man and he just laid his head on my shoulder and cuddled me. He then did the same thing for Casey, and he cuddled our parents…. we thought that maybe he was sick! This cuddling continued, we’d have moments that we’d just soak up the loving he was giving us (and take pictures!), and honestly we weren’t sure who this little man was!

Our little active boy has continued to be QUITE active, but he has realized that he can take a few minutes to give mama and dada some cuddles and lovin’. This is a stage of his life that I am completely soaking up and enjoying. I wish it would last forever! He even  fell asleep in my arms on the dance floor at the wedding! SO CUTE!


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