The Desire to Dance

Casey and I have always LOVED dancing. We met, would go dancing with friends, and just have such a GREAT time. Seeing Casey dance was ONW of the things that led to my attraction to him, and chemistry between us. It wasn’t dancing like people do at clubs (dirty and grimy), but it was fun… and we just loved it! Dancing was a HUGE part of our wedding reception…and continues to be something we enjoy doing!

So, this weekend we went to a Birthday party and played “Dance Central” on Kinect, we were hooked RIGHT AWAY!! Casey and I aren’t able to go out and go dancing now that we have started our family, and this allows us to do it right in our own living room!!! So, the party was on Saturday, and on Sunday Casey went to Game Stop and picked up our very own Kinect!!! OHHH SO FUN!!! We spent a LOT of time Sunday afternoon playing the adventure game that came with the Kinect because we agreed not to buy the dance game right now. Sunday night we had friends over to play, and Casey surprised me with “Dance Central”!! We had SO MUCH fun playing and today my calves hurt from playing so much!! It’s seriously and AWESOME workout and way more fun than going to the gym (in my opinion)!!! Below are some pictures of Casey and I playing at the party, and our scores on the dance-off….clearly Casey is better than I am at dancing!


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1 Response to The Desire to Dance

  1. Elly says:

    Looks like fun!! Can’t wait to play, but I’d hate to see my score đŸ˜¦

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