Time is FLYING!

You had your 9 month check up today, and you are continuously growing and blowing us away. You are 18.61 pounds (@ 6 months you were 16.93 pounds), you are 28.94 inches long (@ 6 months you were 28.35 inches), and your head is 18.11 inches in circumference (@ 6 months it was 17.72 inches). The doctors aren’t concerned with you being in the 14th percentile for weight because you are SO active and eat A LOT!!! Some days you are still eating every 3 hours, but for the most part you do breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner.

This appointment was so different from the others because instead of cuddling up in a blanket in my arms, you were crawling, climbing, talking, “dancing”, whining, eating graham crackers, trying to get out the door, squirming and wanting to walk around. You were SO busy! I was happy to take a few cute pictures with my phone, here the are!


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1 Response to Time is FLYING!

  1. Lydia Sherrer says:

    He is sooo big!! And sooo cute!!! He is almost as big as ETHAN!! He just had his 12 month check up and is 21lbs and 29 inches!! Love you guys!! Can’t wait till we get to see you everytime we go up to CT!!! Praying for you guys as you transition again!

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