One week today we will be flying off to Connecticut to start a new life there again. As a result of it being a week away we have a lot to do in just a short amount of time. This weekend we are packing.


Packing… nothing about that word sounds enticing!!! ESPECIALLY because we have to pack for the week we’ll be in Arizona and then the week we’ll be in Connecticut without clothes. Wouldn’t be so bad except we have to pack for temperatures in the 80s for one week and temperatures in the 50s for the next. BIG TIME BUMMER! We also have to pack all of Isaiah’s food, bottles, formula, cereal, diapers, wipes…oh and the list goes on!

Can’t I just hire someone to do this all for me?

How do I maintain sanity through it all? I have an AMAZING husband who is so good at getting the job done. When there is a task, he’ll will not stop until it is complete and complete to the fullest. I have amazing friends who will take care of me and my sanity! I sew…and I love it! I have one more blanket I am trying to finish. I work during nap time, and go out to the pool with Isaiah when he’s awake. Definitely going back to CT with a tan!! I drink coffee… and lots of it! And when I feel like I just need to get away, I leave Isaiah with Casey and go walk around the grocery store for twenty minutes (usually picking up some candy as I go).

So, this weekend keep us in your prayers and you relax and eat your bonbons… call us and ask if you can help in any way… or just stop by and show us some love! Hopefully this won’t be what the week is like….

To the mamas out there… any tips for me in preparing for the next few weeks??


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5 Responses to Packing.

  1. Lydia says:

    Here’s my tip: don’t stress about remembering all the little things for the 2 weeks in between….target is everywhere so whatever you forget, you can run out and buy, and from our experience with company moves they will usually pick up the tab. 🙂 just try to enjoy your last days in AZ 🙂 one tip for keeping baby happy (which you probably already know) he goes off your mood so if you’re relaxed chances are he won’t be a fussy mess and stress the situation even more. Love you guys!!!!

    • Tanya says:

      Thanks Lydia~ love you so much and excited to see a little more of you. And I AM thankful for Target!

      • Lydia Sherrer says:

        That pic of you and Isaiah that is next to your name in the comment thing makes me tear up EVERY TIME!! Such an awesome pic of an awesome moment!!

  2. Julie Schlaiss says:

    You can hire me to pack!!! But I prob. will forget stuff…haha no 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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