Adjustment #1…Lack Of Sun.

I have totally forgotten that the spring in Connecticut equates to 75% of the days being cloudy/gloomy/rainy and 25% (if we’re lucky) being sunny. THAT is quite the adjustment for me! I am totally a person who is effected by the weather, and gets even MORE tired on days that are dreary. The past few days I have felt like I’ve been dragging my toes because it’s been so cloudy. One of the benefits has been that Isaiah has continuously been sleeping from 7pm-9am because it’s so dark in his room…therefore I have been catching up on sleep! BUT I definately miss the sunny days we had in Arizona.

As soon as it clears up enough, we bundle up and go for a walk or play on the back deck for a few minutes…ANYTHING to get some vitamin D! I seriously crave it like I craved beats & ice because of my iron deficiency!!

Today the sun has finally peeked through so we’ll be doing some of this… AND this…

BUT we definately miss this…


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