The First Year of Marriage

In the past year we have spoken/mentored many couples that are going through there first year of marriage…all I have to say is I’m SO glad we made it through and are past that phase. So many books out there talk about how AMAZING the first year of marriage is, and how you are on cloud nine the whole time having amazing amounts of… you know what… AND society makes it look like this year-long honeymoon where all of you wildest dreams come true. NO ONE prepares a couple for the reality of what the first year may be  like; and how after the wedding, many couples go through MONTHS of struggle.

Recently I have noticed so many consistent signs of physical attack in marriage that I personally believe are the enemies doing. I have seen and experienced in our marriage physical attack on the wife’s body that really impacts the husband in a tough way, and there’s nothing he can do to help heal the wife’s body. Casey and I experienced that for months, and it really put a damper on things for us…now we have some friends that are going through wayyy too similar of a situation. Do I think it’s a coincidence? No. Do I think it’s spiritual attack? Yes, I do. I heard someone say once that illness is a form of spiritual attack… and I finally see examples of where I have seen it to be true.

The amazing thing about this all is the couple we are talking with now is an AMAZING couple that will do SPECTACULAR things for the Kingdom. Spiritual attack would not occur if satan wasn’t scared of the powerful things the Lord will do through someone, and this couple is definitely a force to be reckoned with. Casey and I are excited to back them up in encouragement and prayer, AND many other couples that we’ve walked along side of! The Lord brought us through our first year of marriage, and we experienced attack of ALL kinds… and now, we have so much fore-site on how the devil works that it’s almost comical to us!

Don’t get me wrong…the first year of marriage IS fun and exciting. A couple DEFINITELY makes a ton of great memories, and builds a bond that is so strong.

We have grown so much as a couple and are thoroughly enjoying our marriage/family. I am SO thankful for my hubby and how he spoils me and never leaves me in need. I have been so totally blessed by my marriage, and this is why we are so passionate about walking with other couples through theirs.

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2 Responses to The First Year of Marriage

  1. Cherie says:

    Glad to hear of another couple that has struggled in early marriage but saw it for what was. We too struggled and have grown so much through it. I know there are more challenges to come yet knowing who we are in Christ will get us through those too. I am sure you have been a great blessing to other couples. I pray that HE continues to use you in mighty ways. Bless you today and always. ( ;

    • Tanya says:

      Thanks Cherie!!! I am so excited for you and your family and would LOVE to help you in any way in the next few months! Please let me know how we can be there!

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