Isaiah’s First Easter!

On April 24th Isaiah got to experience his FIRST Easter. We spent it with Casey’s family in Albany and had such a WONDERFUL time! Diane(Nana) bought Isaiah an outfit for church on Easter and he looked like such a stud…

At Church  Isaiah & Nana

Family Photo

Isaiah also got his first Easter basket!! He found that sitting by the fireplace first thing in the morning and was excited to find the eggs in it. He basket consisted of a cute stuffed animal and empty easter eggs! Ok… empty? YES!! He LOVES to play with the eggs… it’s May and he’s still a happy camper with those eggs! Plus he’s 10 months… does he need candy? Nope. OUR baskets on the other hand had some of our favorite treats in them! (Thanks Nana!!) The basket also had that fun stuffing in it, so I gave Isaiah a few minutes to play with that and it was cute but not as fun as those eggs! During the afternoon we all just relaxed and ate YUMMY food! Isaiah tried ham for the first time, he LOVED it and he tried a few bites of baked mac & cheese and of course loved that too!! We really don’t have a picky eater on our hands and I’m SO thankful for that. (My mother-in-law also made this amazing pineapple casserole that I MUST get the recipe for because it is to-die-for and goes so well with ham!!!) We watched a little bit of Mary Poppins and found Isaiah loved to watch the scenes involving dancing and singing… this doesn’t surprise me at all about him! He is SO attracted to anything that has to do with singing and dancing, yes, he is our child after all!!!

Our first Easter as a family of 3 was everything I would have wanted it to be AND MORE. Much of that is due to our amazing family!! Oh and credit to my brother-in-law Cody for the family pic above! I love it!!! AND thank you Nana for all of the clothes you stocked us up with for Isaiah!!

Easter Basket Excitement! Mary Poppins!Playing with Dada! Lovin the Basket!Finishing off with some reading!


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