The Cough Like A Barking Seal.

The cough like a barking seal is the cough no mother wants her child to have….this cough is known as the croup. Yes, croup. We have all heard horrific stories of young children getting croup and having to go to the hospital, go on steroids, have nebulizer treatments, go in and out of hot steam showers, etc., etc., etc., and some people have stories to the point of almost dying from croup. Ya, this cough is NOTHING to mess with.

We now have our story to add to the books (and thankfully next time Casey and I will be much more prepared if this were to happen again). Casey had just gotten home from a business trip on Thursday of last week and just before he got home my parents and I put Isaiah to bed with a low fever and a tiny cough… NOT a big deal in my mind. Fever=teething, cough=normal (Isaiah has always had this cough he’d do now and again that was just normal for him). As Casey and I were relaxing and watching some TV, I thought I heard Isaiah cry a bit so I looked at the monitor and nothing, he was sleeping. Casey got up and went to the kitchen and heard him crying so we ran upstairs (bc this was not normal) went in to check him out, and he had thrown up all over his bed. Casey went to get my mom (3 people make the cleaning process MUCH quicker and gets baby in bed even faster) and just as he got downstairs I heard Isaiah breathing… or at that time… barely breathing. (It was the harsh, raspy, whooping, gasping sound known as “stridor” and this is one of the most concerning symptoms. Stridor is supposed to be less when the baby is calm and worse when agitated, and Isaiah was agitated so it sounded even worse than when he was calm. )At this point I scooped Isaiah out of his crib, vomit and all, and yelled to Casey that he was barely breathing and we needed to go to the hospital….panic set in for sure. We left the house instantly with Isaiah wrapped up in my arms, nothing with us (thankfully mom followed a few minutes behind with the diaper bag, etc.) and headed as fast as we could to the Danbury Hospital ER. On the way we called one of the elders and friends of ours and asked him to send an emergency prayer email out. It was SO comforting to know people would be praying. We got to the ER and after many tears shed on my behalf (and Isaiah’s!), we got through triage and to a room in the ER. They starting some breathing treatments, followed by steroids and within a couple of hours the stridor breathing slowly disappeared. The Dr told us that if the steroids work properly we would be released within 3-4 hours… that was 3 am (YUCK), and if Isaiah was still working too hard to breathe the would keep us over night (ALSO YUCK). Well after much time passed and little sleep, we were admitted to the hospital but didn’t get to sleep until 5am. Isaiah woke up at 8 am, then back down until 10 am. We gave him more meds then he napped again and we were released for his 2pm nap. Thankfully he took that in his crib.

The Doctors and Nurses that we dealt with were SO helpful and great. They provided WONDERFULLY for us (considering we had enough formula for a bottle and a half, and no food for him for breakfast), and took amazing care of Isaiah. We were so grateful to be able to go home and so grateful that we went to the hospital (even though the bill we’ll receive will prevent us from taking a family vacation and result in us living in my parents an extra month before we can buy a house). Even though health insurance deductibles and all that stuff sucks, we are blessed to be able to have the healthcare we do in this country.

We are now home with Isaiah and he is still coughing a lot and we have had a few scares with his breathing, but he is doing much better than Thursday night! Within the few days after this little episode we celebrated my first Mother’s Day and Casey’s 26th Birthday! They were much more relaxed than years passed, but they were blessed days non-the-less! Casey made sure to make me feel so special and spoiled on Mother’s Day and I was able to relax and enjoy my day! Now, don’t think I went to the hospital with Isaiah and DIDN’T snap any pictures!!!

Family Photo Op!  Chillen after the first steroid treatment  Finally Getting Sleep!  Feeling Better The Next Day!  



Here is a SUPER helpful website if you want to read up on croup so you can watch for signs in your little one! Isaiah’s came on really, really, fast, but now I know what to watch for in the future! Also, if any of the mama’s/dada’s reading have any tips from their experiences with croup, please share them with me!


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  1. Ashley says:

    What a scary sounding experience, Tanya. I’m so glad to hear that your little bean is recovering well! 🙂

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