11 Months


You are now 11 months old. This past month has been so much fun with you (like usual!!). You continue to grow and are really starting to develop a personality, you’ve really started to be a little bit of a goof ball!! Naked time is one of your favorite times, whether before or after bath time it doesn’t matter! You have started to do a silly laugh when you hear us burst out in laughter (which is usually because of you). You have started to become very independent in many things… eating being the biggest of all. You are starting to lose interest in baby food and always wanting to eat what we have on our plates. Recently you tried grilled cheese and mac & cheese… both of which you DEVOURED. You are such a love!

Oma’s house has been so much fun with you. Climbing stairs is always a fun thing to do, but we have to keep them blocked off with a gate because if we’re not watching, you’ll make your way up but you haven’t quite perfected it yet! You love going outside and playing in the gardens. Yes, IN the gardens… IN the dirt… which usually ends up IN your mouth.

Fun in the dirt!  Dirt IN the mouth...

The sandbox is a WHOLE different ball game… I’ll have to post those pictures for you another day because I don’t have them on the computer right now… but regardless, outside time results in bath time. Bath time is your FAVORITE time of the day. (You LOVE anything to do with water! You know that the toilet has water in it, that the washing machine has water in it, that the bath = fun time and you know where are the bathrooms in the house are.) We even put you in the kitchen sink one day to just pass some time and you had a HYSTERICAL time… you completely soaked the kitchen!


Just last week you had your first bath time with a friend! Scarlet wasn’t such a fan, but you were pumped to have a friend with you!


Aside from all of this, you are still a crawling boy. You have taken a few steps here or there… you stand and eat a snack… you walk holding onto one of our hands… but you have yet to get the confidence to take more than three steps on your own! We’re in the process of planning your first birthday party and I’m REALLY hoping you’ll be walking by then!!

Regardless of what you can and can’t do, we love you SO much and continue to have so much fun with you. We praise the Lord for you daily and pray for you every day. I am so thankful I got to celebrate my first Mother’s Day with you this month. You and your Dada really made it a special day for me (even though you were so sick!). I love you both so much!



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