The Food Challenge Update #1

So, yesterday I  gave a few recipe ideas on what I had made for Isaiah to try to get him to eat more. One of the recipes that was a half-success was the jasmine rice in chicken broth, but he didn’t like the texture of the rice. SO in the evening, I pureed the rice mixture with a few different fruits/veggies.

Food Jars

The first one I tried was Sweet Potatoes (he wasn’t a fan) so I added strawberries… SOLD. The next batch was just strawberries. The third batch I used bananas…yes bananas… that is the magic word when it comes to getting Isaiah to eat! THIS batch was a success. As a matter of fact, he ate almost a full jar for lunch today!!

Rice & Bananas

I also went to Target and picked up a few things that would encourage his independent eating, seeing as this is what we are moving towards. I got a baby fork and spoon. The first (and only) time he tried eating with a spoon was a mess, but it got a few extra bites in his mouth. Meal time is going to also become naked time!!! The second thing I got was a bunch of the HappyBaby & HappyTot Organic Baby Food pouches. I came home and gave him one and he nearly sucked it dry! I know they cost more, BUT if it gets Isaiah to eat, I will buy them for the time being!!

Playtex Fork and Spoon  Happy Baby Food


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