1 Year…365 Days…8,760 hours…


You are now a 1-YEAR OLD!!! That means we have spent 365 days with you in our lives…or 8,760 hours. That’s a lot of hours!!!! These days and hours have been filled with amazing amazing times of being a mommy. You were born on June 8, and we named you Isaiah after the prophet Isaiah in the Old Testament, and particularly because of the verse Isaiah 6:8 which says, “Then i heard the voice of the Lord saying, ‘Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?’ And I said, ‘Here am I. Send me!'”.  We moved to Arizona with that verse heavy on our hearts. That verse not only was heavy on our hearts for the move to Arizona, but in whatever the Lord called us to do we wanted to be able to say “send me!”. So, when we got pregnant with you the very first month we lived in Arizona, we knew we were going to name you Isaiah. The REALLY COOL thing is I was due June 9th but I went into labor on June 8th (6/8)… the reason you are named Isaiah is because of Isaiah 6:8… that was the day you were born… do you see the connection!?!? We serve such a cool God! (I hope you grow up knowing that!)

You are such a fun and energetic little boy. From the minute you wake up until the minute you go to sleep you are busy, busy, busy. (It’s been like that since you were in my tummy!) You are now walking, a bit shaky, but walking!! You say a FEW words (aside from mama and dada), like ball… this one we hear a lot. We hear “waa” which means water, “pa” which is Opa, “ma” which is Oma, and sometimes I feel like you are trying to say please “pee”… hehe… but these words we only hear every so often. You also are learning a few animal noises… a doggy says “houuf houuf”, a bird is a high pitch “cheep” but more like “eee eee”, and you just started to say “rrraaa” for a lion. SO MUCH FUN!

This past week and a bit you have been in the process of cutting your TWO-YEAR MOLAR… yes… two-year…. and man I wish your body would have waited because this is NOT an easy or pain-free process. It has impacted your eating and your sleeping, which makes life a little tough for us all…BUT at least we know this will pass! Aside from that molar, you still only have your four front teeth and your two front bottom teeth. The teething process has made you a bit of a fussy eater so we are continuing daily to try to find fun things for you to eat, if you don’t like it, you spit it out as fast as we put it in. You are ALSO drinking whole milk now and this was not a tough adjustment for you at all. I still give you a night-time formula before you go to bed, but other than that it’s almost all milk!

We have endured many changes in the first year of your life and are so thrilled with how well you adapt. In August we are moving into our first house, and are SO excited to have a place of our own! A house, a HOME… OUR HOME!!! YAY!!! We are so excited for what the future holds for us as a family and are looking forward to the day that it grows to an even bigger family, but for the time being… we are enjoying YOU soooo much!

Your daddy and I love you so much little man and we are so proud of you. Happy 1st Birthday baby boy…looking forward to all the Birthdays to come!



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1 Response to 1 Year…365 Days…8,760 hours…

  1. Ashleigh says:

    I loooove this post!! I can’t believe how much Isaiah is growing up! I hope we get to see him (and you two!) sometime soon!

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