Tomatoes For Breakfast.

Today Isaiah thought it was appropriate to have tomatoes for breakfast. He saw them on the counter and made it very clear that these tomatoes were in fact, the only thing he would eat at the time. After the tomatoes I was able to get in some yogurt and dried cereal, but first… the tomatoes.

Now…it doesn’t stop at simply eating tomatoes for breakfast. Somewhere Isaiah has picked up the skill of eating food off his tray like a puppy. I’m not sure if he saw¬†another child do this, if he saw it on TV, or if he in fact came up with this idea on his own? BUT… we saw him do this yesterday, and today I capture it on camera.

It doesn’t stop here either. Isaiah proceeded to clap for himself because he felt that what he had done was a great accomplishment and therefore, it was obviously clap worthy.

What a silly boy we have on our hands!




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1 Response to Tomatoes For Breakfast.

  1. burpeemama says:

    Wow!!! I pretty much just fell in love with him from reading that!!!!! HAHAHA I love it!! Their little brains come up with the most random things, don’t they? Can’t wait to see you guys soon!!

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