Life Update

It has been a while since I last blogged…quite honestly my excuse is Harry Potter. Yes, Harry Potter. I am on book 4 and it seems to be taking up all of my time…these book are so good. So as I have my face buried in my books life is whizzing by.

We were supposed to close on our potential home on August 1st, but Casey and I decided to walk. There was some work that needed to be done on the house and the sellers wouldn’t agree to do the repairs. We had really felt that if it wasn’t meant to be, they wouldn’t do the repairs, so when it actually happened that way we knew we had to walk. Casey and I both feel at peace about it now, but it was really tough at first. I had a lot of dreams for the house and things we could do to make it our own…I pray someone else can have those dreams about that house and that it is as loved as it would have been with us.

Since not closing on the house we really have felt that we need to stay here with my parents for a longer period of time. We will most likely be staying here until the spring or later, and are all at peace with it. Staying here longer will let us save the money to get a house that really meets our needs, we will be able to help my parents around the house here, and we will also have free babysitters! WOO HOO!

Aside from the house, we have had a great summer. We spent time with Casey’s family at the lake house in the Adirondacks and we spent time with my family here in CT and had a “staycation”. Prior to these vacations my Oma passed away so we were able to spend some time in Canada with family there also. We were all very sad to lose Oma, she was well-loved by many people and all the of her family. As I watched and listened at the wake and funeral I realized that each child, grandchild, and great-grandchild felt just as loved by Oma as the next did. It amazed me that she could have so much love for the LARGE family she had and each felt the love. I pray that I can do this for my family.

So, that really kind of sums up what has been going on with our lives… now, there is this little 14 month old running around our lives that bring pure joy each and every day. Isaiah is SUCH a goof ball, each day we see his personality grow through expressions in his face, through his laugh, through things he does and things he tries to say. He is proving to be a determined and persistent child. He has mastered the word “no”, and often tries to use it, even though he should really be saying “yes” a lot of the times! He is also in the process of learning how to go down stairs…you may say he’s learning late… but, the problem here is he is learning how to WALK down the stairs facing forwards. The boy seemed to feel he didn’t need to learn how to crawl down backwards, and when he took his first tumble forwards down the stairs outside onto the brick, I knew I had to spend intentional time on the stairs with him. He is almost able to walk, facing forwards, down the stairs by himself. HE IS DETERMINED. With that determination he has started to throw tantrums. He knows what he wants and when he can’t have it, a tantrum comes. We are learning how to work through those… and when I say we, I mean both he and myself. I don’t know what do to do with a silly 14 month old having a tantrum!!! 🙂

Life has been busy for us, but exciting none the less. We are anticipating all the future has in store for us, and by the future… I simply mean the next few months!!


Did I mention that Isaiah is a ball of trouble???


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