Isaiah- A Big Brother!!


You are going to be a BIG BROTHER!!!

Yes, it’s true… a big brother… the shock of it is still settling in for mommy and daddy too. We are confident that you will be such a great big brother, but we are sad that our time with you alone will end in less than a year’s time.

We found out that I am pregnant on July 17th and it was a whirlwind of emotions. I had taken pregnancy tests just days before and they came out negative. I was sure I wasn’t pregnant but then when I was late on my “monthly visit”, I was confused as to why the tests were saying negative. A lot was going on during this time, so I figured it was due to stress. Let me explain. Your Great-Oma went to be with Jesus on July 13th and this was very hard for me. Oma loved all of her grandchildren and great-grandchildren so much that it was very hard to hear that she went to be with Jesus. I knew it was what she wanted and she is in a much better place now, but it is so tough knowing when we visit Canada she wouldn’t be there to kiss us! We left the evening of the 13th to go to Canada to be with all our family there, and on the 15th my “visit” didn’t happen. I took a test and it was negative. That’s what made me believe I wasn’t pregnant.  I waited a few more days and still nothing happened, and so I figured I was late due to stress. On the 17th, we had Oma’s viewing. That was a very difficult day. As I sit here writing this I am tearing up because I miss her so much. It was so hard walking into that room and seeing her lay there motionless. We went home that night and I asked your dad if I should take a test one more time and he said to go for it. I went upstairs, performed the duties of taking the test, and waited. I expected to look at the stick and to read “not pregnant” on it because just two days earlier that’s what it said… but I looked down and it said “pregnant”!!!!!! Talk about a rush of emotions! I ran downstairs and called for your dad because he was in the other room, showed him the test and we jumped for joy!! It was so nice to have a shimmer of happiness amidst such sorrow. We told Mommy’s family that night and everyone was so happy. The next day we had the funeral for your Great-Oma, and there was a lot of crying… a lot… but deep down inside I had a glimmer of happiness because there was a little baby growing in my tummy. We were then able to go on a vacation to theAdirondacks and share the news with Daddy’s family.

Isaiah, we are so excited for your little brother or sister to join our family, but we are also going to enjoy EVERY SINGLE day with you for the next 9 months!!!! We love you so much, and are so proud to have you as a big brother for our little baby on the way!

On a side note… daddy thinks it’s a little brother in mommy’s tummy. He had a dream he was with a little boy who looked just like you. Mommy wants this to be a baby sister so that we can name her in honor of your Great-Oma.

Here’s a picture of your little baby brother/sister at 10 weeks and 5 days old…

Here’s a picture of you we took the day we found out we were pregnant. You borrowed your big cousin’s teeshirt 🙂 This is what we showed family to tell them we are pregnant!Here’s the test that told us we weren’t dreaming!!!!




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