Fall Time = Busy Time.

Yesterday Casey asked me if I was still blogging, to which I replied… well yes, when I can. But in reality, I have gotten SO bad at sitting down for thirty minutes to simply update my blog or share some thoughts.

It is now FALL out and I love it. I am 17 weeks pregnant and feeling great, which is FANTASTIC because I’d hate to miss out on this fall weather. We have had such a busy few months enjoying the transition of seasons and watching the leaves fall. We’ve had Andrew & Julie visit from AZ and took them into NYC, we’ve gone apple picking, had some family time up in the Adirondacks, had a fundraiser from Ryan & Katie who are adopting… it’s all been SO much fun!!

Grand Central Time Square!!!

Just this past weekend we went to Boston with my cousin and her hubby and had a fantastic time…

Isaiah stayed with Casey’s parents and did GREAT with them. They said they could tell he was off because we weren’t with him, but all in all he did great (which is was so comforting to hear). We stayed at a Bed & breakfast called La Cappella Suites which was in a fantastic location…we walked everywhere & enjoyed every minute of it. I felt like I couldn’t stop eating this weekend, but thinking of all the walking we did and climbing 4 flights of steps multiple times a day really made me feel like I NEEDED to eat as much as I did! 🙂 Here are a few snapshots from the weekend… (we used this trip to celebrate our anniversary and to get away before baby#2 comes)

 Lobster dinner! Dessert on the balcony Oyster dinner in QuincyIn front of La Cappella Suites

We covered many of the basic spots in Boston… Quincy Market, the Boston Commons area where Ally McBeal’s building front was filmed, the Theater district (TOTALLY NOT INTENTIONAL but that’s a nightmare of a cab story), the north end by the harbor, and plenty of shopping! It was a fantastic time for sure.

So today, I have been cleaning, doing laundry and spending time with the little man. Being away for a weekend was so nice for Casey and I but as a mommy, I missed the little man. When we walked into Casey’s parent’s house to have dinner and pick him up, he got so excited… but didn’t know how to express it. At one point he clapped a little, he got down on his knees because he just didn’t know what to do, and then I knelt down and opened my arms… and he melted my heart. He ran towards me, put his head on my shoulder, tucked in his arms, and cuddled me nonstop. It was such a nice welcome, and I definitely don’t think we’ll leave him that many nights for a long time!



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