Playing in the Leaves.

Today is the perfect fall day… 65 degrees, sunny, and a light breeze. We get the best of the four seasons, and today we really took time to enjoy it! It is one of the days that makes me love living in New England.

Isaiah and I went out into the yard while Oma & Opa were doing some yard work and leaf blowing, and we couldn’t help but join in the fun! The leaf blower was a very attractive appliance to Isaiah and he insisted on helping Opa blow the leaves. (Side-note: I’m finding it harder to clean around the house because he wants to take the vacuum every time!) He would also attempt to use the rake…which was about 10 times to big for him. I do have a persistent child, so he continued to try until something else caught his eye.  

After “helping” with the leaves, Isaiah played a little- even though he wasn’t a huge fan of being in a huge pile of them. He also found great fun running up and down the little hill in the back, and would even continue giggling through a wipe-out!! It was a fantastic fall day in our back yard, and it was so nice to enjoy it with Isaiah!     


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