North Carolina


You are now 18 months old and within the first two years of your life you will have lived in 3 different states and 4 different houses/apartments.

Your dad got a promotion so we are moving to Charlotte, North Carolina in less than a month and that will be your third state. I am so proud of your daddy. He works SO SUPER hard to provide for this family and so that I can stay home with you and be a full-time mommy instead of having to work. I know your daddy wishes he could spend SO much more time with you, and if he had the option, I am sure he would want to be a stay-at-home daddy…but we all know that if I was doing his job we would not be as fortunate as we are now. Isaiah, you are so blessed to have the daddy that you have.

There will be a lot of transitions in the next few months, part of me is so worried about how it will all go, but the other part knows that you will be such a champ!! You are GREAT at traveling and adapting to new environments. One of my first projects will be to get your room all set up and decorated for you to enjoy. Then, I will be working on your sister’s room…that’s another adjustment you will have to deal with. We got a taste of how you interact with a baby last night and it was so sweet. At first you weren’t interested, and then you brought him a few chips and laid them on him as he was sleeping. You quickly realized the baby wasn’t really interested in the chips so you took them and ate them. 🙂 You also attempted to give him a kiss but didn’t want to get to close. It was so sweet. I am sure it will be tough to adjust to a baby in the house at ALL times, but I know you will be such a sweet big brother to your little sister.

Your daddy is in North Carolina for the next 6 days so mommy and you will have a lot of time together. I know we will miss your dad, I definitely will…especially on the weekend. We usually spend family time together, so it will be sad not having him here!

I am excited for us to move and not have to travel so much, to settle into our new house, and to start adjust to all the fun new adventures that North Carolina has in store for us.

Mommy and Daddy love you baby boy. We are so proud of you and how you are growing into a boy with a strong will and a goofy little personality.




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