Whenever I try to vacuum I have a little buddy that likes to come and take the vacuum from me. I started to think of ways to distract him and one of the ways I came up with was buying his own vacuum. (What kid wouldn’t love that?? RIGHT!!??) We went to Christmas Tree Shop (which isn’t a Christmas shop…it’s an amazing store of stuff!) and found a vacuum for 15 bucks. In my mind, that was a fantastic deal. We brought the vacuum home, and during the next time of vacuuming pulled out his new toy.

My mommy expectations were way beyond what actually happened.

He was really excited..about the box… he played with the toy for a little while, and then realized that the real vacuum was still MUCH cooler. His vacuum turned into a toy he would sit on, carry around, and then ditch. I am pretty sure I’m bringing this vacuum back and maybe getting a better one for Christmas or when he’s more into actually helping. For now, I’ll just give him a few minutes with the vacuum and hopefully satisfy his vacuuming desires!




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  1. Ashley says:

    HaHaHa! Taran is also OBSESSED with the vacuum and the broom! I bought him his own broom set because he will cry if I don’t give him the real broom….basically it was the same as your experience. haha. So funny.

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