North Carolina!!

We have finally “settled” down in our new house here in North Carolina. What an amazing blessing this house is to our family! There is plenty of room to meet everyone’s needs… even any company we may have!

My parents came down to help us move in and boy was I thankful for that (my sister and her fiance were also able to come by for weekends). At 29 weeks pregnant with a 19 month old, my energy levels can run a little low (my body is feeling the effects of simply going up and down the stairs without carrying a bunch of boxes or stuff!) so it was amazing to have help. We were able to be a box-free house with in less than a week… we actually had the kitchen unpacked within a few days! It is crazy moving into an actualy HOUSE. We have done apartments where you find homes for things in places that they “fit” but in a house it’s so different… we actually have found places where things BELONG. Especially in the kitchen, things have homes and I have started to figure out where I like things to be and not to be… I’m making the kitchen mine…. well it’s OURS…but we all know what I mean!

All in all, the process went so smooth and we only have a few objects to replace due to the move from AZ to CT back 10 months ago. One of those being the crock-pot…MAJOR BUMMER. Went to make dinner today and realized that i just couldn’t find it… no one saw it while unpacking, I think it has been lost in the shuffle of boxes. Sigh… what’s a mom to do!!!! 🙂

Isaiah has been such a trooper!!! He has slept through the night every night he’s been in his new room. (It hasn’t been until the past 2 nights that I believe his molars have been starting to irritate him and sooo we aren’t getting the sleep we need but we try to catch up a little at nap time.) My mom painted his room and Kaydence’s room… they look fantastic!! It really is fun to have a room for each of them to decorate and make their own. Isaiah loves his room!!! I can’t wait to make some book shelves and make him a little reading corner…the boy loves books.

We are blessed beyond belief with the house that the Lord provided for us and we look forward to seeing many new faces come in and out of the doors of this home.


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Wife, mom, life of ministry and raising children.
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