Being A Mom- Job Description.

Being 33 weeks pregnant and chasing a 20 month old has been tiring for me. I have had my tears, my laughs, my aches and pains, my excitement and joy and my rewarding moments. I have had my restless nights…more recently than any point in the pregnancy (thanks heartburn) and been at the point of complete exhaustion and understanding what that really feels like. My ligaments in my abdomen burn…BURN. My back feels compressed and like my spine needs a good stretching. My sciatic pinches when I walk or lift Isaiah. Kaydence has hiccups like 300 times a day and it’s sooooo annoying!!! She kicks my insides to the point of feeling like she’s trying to bust out. The dishes always seem to be dirty (my hubby is amazing @ helping with that) and the floors always seem to need cleaning.

Some days I feel like this is NOT what I signed up for. Women think first pregnancy is worth complaining about…well it is… BUT try it with a 20 month old….I can’t even imagine having 2 kids and being pregnant!!!

This morning I went on one of my best friend’s blogs and what she wrote couldn’t have struck me more… she is just fantastic. This was from a topic being discussed at her MOPS class (oh how I miss MOPS):

Job Description For Mothers

Motherhood isn’t for quitters; the fainthearted need not apply. On the job training, mandatory. Selfishness detrimental to job satisfaction. Working hours long but flexible. Ability to pray without ceasing is clearly advantageous. Remuneration where you find it- in a toddlers belly laugh or a teenagers “thanks Mom”. Some days are more demanding than others but heavenly help and forgiveness available on call 24 hours a day. Love for God and respect for His guidelines important if job is to be secure. Becoming and remaining a mother is a permanent event. 

There are SO many parts of this that I could dissect and talk about for hours…but the main thing that sticks out to me is “Love for God and respect for His guidelines important if job is to be secure. Becoming and remaining a mother is a permanent event.”

There is no way I could get through motherhood without the Lord’s DAILY guidance….no hourly….at every minute. Some days grace is all that gets me through.

Being a mom is permanent. There is no escaping it…even if I go to the store alone (although never alone when pregnant!), I am always thinking of the family I have at home. And every little thought I have always ends up putting a smile on my face, even on the worst of days.

I know my husband adores and cherishes me more than anything in this world. I know that I am the apple of my son’s eyes. Regardless of how hard being a mom is, regardless of how much pain I am in being pregnant, I know that my family LOVES me and would not survive without me. I know that the Lord loves me and would not leave me with more than I can handle.

Some days being a mom is exhausting and tiring…but it is permanent. Every day is new and for that I am so grateful. I am thankful that it is permanent.


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2 Responses to Being A Mom- Job Description.

  1. Nicole says:

    I feel a lot of what your feeling with my 8.5 month old and hes not even a toddler yet and I’m NOT pregnant! You go girl! You’rep doing amazing and admire your strength and faith 🙂

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