Valentine’s Day & Marriage.

Valentine’s Day was yesterday. I spent mine with my amazing hubby and I am so blessed to have spent another Valentines Day with him. I feel like Valentine’s Day is slowly but surely becoming something a little different for me. Casey is the husband that comes home with flowers every few weeks just to show me that he was thinking about me, appreciates me, loves me, and wants to make me happy. Valentine’s Day flowers are ALWAYS beautiful and the gifts (or massage!!!) are always so appreciated BUT I feel like Valentine’s Day is becoming more of a day for me to show him how I feel about him. I am not as good at expressing daily how I feel and how I adore him. Sometimes I just get caught up in the business and in myself (ohhhhh honestly… don’t you!?) that I let his needs fall to the side. Valentine’s Day reminds me of how SPOILED I am daily by my husband and motivates me to make more attempts to return the favor.

Is Valentine’s Day supposed to be about the woman? Hallmark says so. But… after years of marriage to a man who spoils me daily…  I feel like I am starting to use Valentine’s Day as a day to show my love and adoration for my hubby more than on a day-to-day basis.

With that mushy gushy stuff aside… I woke up this morning feeling like I need to do more for my marriage. I feel like I woke up and realized just how much my hubby does to show me he loves me and that I can definitely work on doing more for him and for our marriage. Valentine’s Day is just ONE day… and there are many more days in a year!!

My in-laws got us a weekend away to the Weekend to Remember conference for our wedding and we haven’t used that yet….nor can we any time soon. We are always moving or having babies (hahaha) so that doesn’t seem to be an option! I have also said that I’ve wanted to do some form of couples counseling when I had gotten married. Well, 3 years later, we had a couple that discipled us for a bit and then we moved, and moved, and moved again… SO we haven’t done that either.

Well, then I think to myself, gosh how am I supposed to learn more about how to be a better wife if I don’t have any resources to do this through??? I went to our book-case. Every married couples book-case is FULL of books on marriage. They sit there. Collect dust…and attempt to look pretty. Maybe we read one of them or at least attempted to. So, today I picked up “The Love Dare” and “Love & Respect”. “The Love Dare”-seems so cheesy right? Or like my marriage is too good for this book? Well, I read the first day today and already know that I can gain a lot from going through this.

So…. after 3 years of marriage and 4 valentine’s days together… I woke up this morning on February 15th and decided that someone has never been married too long to go back to those old books on the shelf and learn, from another’s perspective, how to do marriage.


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