Things to remember about my 2nd pregnancy.

I am now 38 weeks pregnant and I am at the point of being done. I am ready to meet our little girl and hold her in my arms instead of feeling her kick my insides! I have just started to dilated (1cm) and am now 50% effaced.

I was very nauseous this pregnancy and it lasted into the 2nd trimester. I lost a couple pounds in the beginning and I didn’t start to really gain weight until around 16 weeks or so. I also had a lot of head aches…migraines really. Thankfully we lived with my parents and I was able to rest when I needed to rest.

I remember feeling her early in the pregnancy, somewhere around 15 weeks. It was shortly after this, 16 weeks that I started to feel braxton hicks. SO obnoxious!!! They carried out through the whole pregnancy.

We found out that we were having a girl around 20 weeks. This was a very exciting time for us!!

I made it to 30 weeks and had gained just under 20 pounds. I completely forgot that in the third trimester I start to gain the weight and swell up. SO I thought that this pregnancy I would maybe hit 25 pounds but at my 37 week (and 3 days) appointment I hit 30 pounds. YUCK. Thankfully I am almost done and the baby is growing!

Everyone says I am very small…but I feel big. I am carrying smaller than I was with Isaiah and not NEARLY as swollen, but I definitely still feel big.

Heart burn has been HORRIFIC.. yet again. It’s the worst in the 3rd trimester. I have had to take Zantac because it has been so bad!

At 36 weeks we found out she was breeched and underwent the ECV in the hospital, this was successful and at this point she is still head down!!

I have had a few cravings this pregnancy. In the 1st I ate very little and very healthy, a LOT of granny smith apples (like the bitter-sweet flavor). I didn’t want anything sweet or too many carbs. In the second trimester I started to crave grapefruit and ate them CONSTANTLY… along with the apples. Towards the end of the second trimester I started to crave chocolate chip cookies. Every day. Warmed up…with milk. This was the first sign of craving sweets. I hit about 30 weeks and my appetite increased by a bagillion and I started craving desserts. ALL THE TIME. (This may have added to the weight gain!) Oh, and we moved to NC around that time…Chick Fil A and I became best friends…sigh.

I will continue to add to this post as I remember things that I want to remember!




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