2 years old and lovin’ it!


You are 2 YEARS OLD!!! You have grown so incredibly much in the last few months and your daddy and I couldn’t be more proud of you. You are a tall, skinny little boy with the cutest little cheeks on your face!

You have started to talk A LOT more. Just the other day you said “Daddy, where paci go?”… you blew daddy away with the sentence. You are super polite with your manors. You know so many letters, colors, animals and the sounds they make. Your favorite animals are doggies but you are really into dinosaurs right now, you call it a “docie”. Another funny animal name you have come up with is an “eppie” which is an elephant… you are CUTE! You really enjoy coloring right now.  We color on the windows with window crayons, you color on coloring books and you also love to paint!

Isaiah, you are becoming such a great older brother. Your sister is 3 months old now and over the past 3 months you have learned how to be so sweet to her. You love telling people to look at her as we go for walks, you are such a proud older brother! You love to give her kisses and sometimes you love to hold her. We have really given you space and allowed you to warm up to her in your own timing. It has taken time but we really see you loving on her more each day.

Mommy and daddy love you. We love watching you grow and transform into a little boy…and what a little boy you are! We are learning to shape and mold your stubborn little personality so that some day you may be a leader of many. We are thankful to call you our son and look forward to many more years with you!



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  1. datalaforge says:

    This is nice. Becca and I keep a journal for Jane. We write to her future self so if she hit’s that, ‘everyone hates me’ phase, she’ll have something to read from us telling her how great she is.

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